If you are acting as a consultant, or supplying services to any internal or external parties, then you need to understand and work within the University's policy.

As a member of University staff you remain free to work in an entirely private capacity, but before you do so you will need to:

Both of these actions help the University keep a record of any activity that is happening amongst its staff. The capturing of consultancy activities is very useful for your School's and Department's records, and the University can also use this data in addition to managed consultancy service data within our annual HEBCIS report.

When you carry out work in a private capacity you will responsible of managing your own contractual assessments and negotiations, and the University advises that you fully understand the Terms and Conditions of any contract you enter into. 

You should also:

  • Tell your client that you are operating in an entirely private capacity, and not as an agent or employee of the University
  • Advise your client of the level of professional indemnity insurance cover you have
  • Sign agreements or other documentation only on behalf of yourself, and not on behalf of your School, Division, the University
  • Not use any significant University facilities (‘significant facilities’ would not normally include an office, desktop computer or library; but would include laboratories, workshops, materials, specialist equipment, financial accounts, and the services of technicians or other staff)
  • Use only your private address for all correspondence; the use of University letterheads or other printed stationery implying an association with the University is not permitted
  • Not behave in any way that might reasonably allow your client to believe that the University has any contractual or other obligation to them
  • Receive payment directly from your client, and personally accept liability for the payment of any additional income tax, National Insurance and VAT
  • Report any additional earnings to the Inland Revenue and/or Customs & Excise as appropriate

Please note: If you do consultancy work in a private capacity, you are strongly advised to make your own insurance arrangements to limit the risk of your liability.

If you require further information regarding any of the points above, please contact the Consultancy Officer.