UEA Consulting Ltd, managed by RIN, provides an administration service for academics who are engaging as consultants with external organisations. We can help provide contractual and financial advice that you and your school may need. Academic consultancy can enrich your research, lead to publications, and deliver impact.

Using the managed consultancy service will:

  • Minimise the risk to you from non-payment, or contractual queries, or complaints, as your client organisations will be dealing with UEA Consulting Ltd rather than you as an individual
  • Enable you to access the opportunities for consultancy identified by the Enterprise & Commercialisation Team
  • Save you money as you can benefit from the University's professional indemnity insurance without having to pay for your own indemnity cover
  • Save you time as you don’t need to undertake the administration for your consultancy – UEA Consulting Ltd can help you liaise with your client to agree fees & costs, get an agreement in place, carry out the invoicing, and then deal with payments to you via payroll
  • Enable you to earn funds for yourself and/or your School
  • Provide you and your Head of School with a documented record of your consultancy activities.

UEA's Consultancy Policy

Please read the University's consultancy policy before undertaking any consultancy work, and contact the RIN Team if you have any questions.


If you decide to carry out any consultancy through the managed service, and agree to take some of the income personally, the amount you receive will be paid through Payroll in addition to your regular salary, and there will be standard deductions made.

For example, assuming that the academic has already earned more than £5K of net income in the financial year:

Consultancy Income £500.00 £1,000.00 £1,500.00
Automatic school fee at 15% £75.00 £150.00 £225.00
Academic's share at 85%
(assuming that nothing is gifted to your school)
£425.00 £850.00 £1,275.00
Employer's NI at 13.8%* £58.65 £117.30 £175.95
Apprenticeship Levy contribution at 0.5% of NI* £0.29 £0.59 £0.88
Gross payment to Payroll*
(before PAYE & employee NI)
£366.06 £732.11 £1,098.17

*These figures are indicative of actual HMRC deductions