Defined as "a range of short and long training programmes for learners already in work who are undertaking the course for purposes of professional development, upskilling, or workforce development."

Providing bespoke training for external organisations is an excellent way of creating an enterprise activity and engaging with the community. It can help your research or expertise reach a wider audience in a way that is directly beneficial to the growth and development of the nation's workforce.

Support available through RIN includes:

  • Support on course scoping and costing
  • Production of marketing materials
  • Booking of venue & catering
  • Support on the day
  • Management of bookings and invoicing
  • Collation of feedback evaluation

This kind of training is sometimes known as a "closed or excluded course", as such is liable to the application of VAT, and also as a result, the income from all non-accredited CPD courses that are run like this can be counted in UEA’s HEBCIS return.

Courses that fall under this categorisation are:

  • Not available to the public at large (that is access is restricted to a specific class of persons rather than being dependent on academic ability)
  • Do not lead, and are not intended to lead to a qualification, but offer a business benefit
  • Where the participants are not treated as students of the University
  • Not subject to monitoring and validation by the University for quality assurance purposes.

For further information, contact the Consultancy Officer.

CPD Development Fund

A new CPD Development Fund is being established to help in the development of new CPD programmes and packages, run through the CPD Executive. More information can be found on our CPD Development Fund page