Consultancy TeamConsultancy is the general description given to the ways in which you can transfer your research knowledge and expertise to help an organisation solve a particular issue, or to provide them with longer term strategic advice relevant to the nature of their organisation.

Consultancy advice can be provided to commercial companies as well as to public-sector organisations and government departments, both in the UK and world-wide.

Consultancy can come in many forms including:

  • A specific agreed programme of work with known outcomes
  • The provision of a bespoke training programme, on the UEA campus or at a client's premises
  • The design, testing or evaluation of a product or system or assisting with these processes
  • Giving a presentation in a seminar or business conference
  • Using the University’s research facilities for testing and analysis of materials and compounds
  • Taking on a paid advisory role
  • Acting as an expert witness
  • writing for non-academic sources
  • providing a service

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Prof Richard Fordham (School of Medicine, Health Policy & Practice)
"UEA Consulting makes my life as an academic consultant easier. They always give great personal support which allows me to get on with satisfying the client's needs. They are quick and efficient at setting up contracts, and take the hassle out of invoicing and chasing payments. They are great people to deal with and I have developed very good relations with them indeed."