It is important to contact RIN before any idea with commercial potential is disclosed publicly to ensure it is protected. If possible please contact your Project Officer at least 1 month prior to any public disclosure.

Patents and publication

The opportunity for obtaining a patent can be lost by premature publication of research. In patent terms, publication means anything which has been made available to the public anywhere in the world by written, or oral description, by use, or in any other way. For example: 

  • learned papers, journals, magazines

  • abstracts, including web abstracts

  • theses

  • web pages and email

  • poster displays

  • exhibitions

  • open days

  • casual oral disclosure

  • confidential disclosures to many people

In most cases, filing a patent application can be done fairly quickly and need not delay publication. However, in order to adequately protect your idea, we appreciate sufficient notice before you intend submitting a paper or presenting at a conference.

Will commercialisation delay publication?

In most cases, pursuing commercialisation need not delay publication. Generally this just means ensuring a patent application is filed covering your idea before you disclose your results in a paper or at a conference. This process need not take very long, but we appreciate sufficient notice to enable us to protect your idea.