The Intellectual Property TeamHave an idea?

Your idea may be a novel concept, an idea supported by research results, or an unexpected experimental outcome. If you think your research or know-how may have commercial value or a practical application then please contact your Project Officer. This is particularly important before you publish or in any other way disclose your results.

Even if you are not sure if your idea is advanced enough to warrant protection or commercialisation your Project Officer will be happy to discuss the idea with you in confidence at an early stage and if appropriate draw in other specialist support available within RIN.

How RIN can help

RIN is the University’s point of contact for business and industry to access the results of University research for technology transfer, licensing and commercial and business development. We manage an extensive portfolio of intellectual property opportunities available to industry for licensing out on a national and international basis and are here to help you protect your ideas, and develop their potential. RIN can provide the following support:

  • Scope out your idea and identify potential routes to progress

  • Support funding applications

  • Undertake initial market analysis

  • Identifying commercial partners

  • Managing the University’s IP portfolio

  • Handling contractual & payment arrangements

  • Consultancy support

Please contact your Project Officer for further information.

Report an invention or commercial opportunity

To tell RIN about a potential idea for commercialisation, in confidence, please contact your Project Officer in the first instance. We will arrange an appointment for you with the appropriate specialist within RIN to discuss your idea. We will then work with you to complete a Commercial Opportunity Disclosure Form that notifies the University of the commercial opportunity. RIN will work with you to undertake an assessment of the commercial potential of the idea and if appropriate implement a development plan.

Reward to inventors

If revenue is generated from the exploitation of University IP e.g. through licensing the technology the University member of staff or eligible student that created the IP will be entitled to receive a share of any net benefit received by the University, after deduction of agreed costs, as defined in the IP regulations, which can be found in the online academic calendar.

Revenue Share

Net Income




First £2,000




Next £3,000




Next £30,000




Next £65,000




Next £1,900,000




Beyond £2,000,000

By negotiation in the individual circumstances


All payments to UEA staff are authorised by the Intellectual Property Team and then processed through the Payroll Department. These payments are seen as additional to any regular or monthly payment and should not be relied upon as a source of regular income.

Some staff or students may be paid via an Occasional Work Form (this depends on their current contractual status), and these forms also need to be authorised by the Human Resources Department before a payment can be made. The Intellectual Property Team will advise and assist with the procedure for these forms.

If you decide to receive your share or part of your share through payroll, the University is required by law to pay HM Revenue & Customs Employer's National Insurance at 13.8% on the salary payment, as well as a 0.5% contribution to the Apprenticeship Levy. These payments are deducted at source from an employee's share before Income Tax & Employee NI deduction.