Increase your chances of success

It is very important to prepare a strong application first-time round – many funders do not allow re-submissions. The three principle ways in which you can increase your chance of success are to:


  • Discuss your idea with colleagues, Head of School, School Research Director and Project Officer
  • Ensure that your application meets the funding scheme’s assessment criteria
  • Allow sufficient time to prepare and develop your application, using UEA's internal peer review processes. 

Identify your funder

The Find Funding section can help you to identify the most appropriate funder(s) for your application. Do also ask your Project Officer and colleagues for advice. And remember to check the scheme’s assessment criteria!


Estimate application development time

It is essential to:
  • Notify your Project Officer of your intention to develop an application. 
  • Academics in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences should complete the appropriate Notification of Intention to Write a Grant Proposal (NIW form): (a) when leading the application, or (b) when contributing to an application led by another institution.
  • Check internal submission deadlines with your Project Officer – as well as the funder’s own deadline
  • Allow sufficient time to develop your application (including internal peer review)
  • Be aware of how long funders take to make a decision.

Even if yours is a straightforward project, discussions with team members and project partners may take months; the University’s internal peer review processes are rigorous and therefore take time, and budgets will need to be revised as plans change.

A complex project will require additional time while internal and external approvals are obtained. Complex issues include:

  • External research partners
  • Research location outside UEA 
  • Sponsorship of healthcare projects
  • Supporting data/statistics
  • Politically sensitive material
  • Capital investment.

Please contact your Project Officer for detailed advice.


Ethics and governance

  • UEA is committed to ensuring appropriate ethical standards in all its activities and specifically in research. All research at the University must comply with the University’s guidance and policies on Good Practice in Research and the University Research Ethics Policy.
  • The UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research, published by the Department of Health in April 2017 sets out certain responsibilities for organisations undertaking research involving human participants (or their organs, tissue or data). For more information see the Research Integrity section.



All research at UEA must be covered by an insurance policy. Most is covered by the University’s standard public and professional indemnity policies, but if your research may involve clinical trials, research outside the UK or other non-standard research that may affect the University’s insurance policy please discuss this in advance with your Project Officer. 


Intellectual Property and confidentiality

Many funders now require commercial exploitation and Intellectual Property issues to be covered at the application stage. These are issues you need to consider at an early stage.

Research applications frequently incorporate ideas and concepts with significant scientific impact and commercial potential. In such cases please ascertain what the confidentiality arrangements with the funder are for submitting the application, particularly which parts of the application are going to be published and that the evaluators are required to review the application in confidence. Take care not to include any information that is not going to be held confidentially that could result in the inability to obtain patent protection or competitors accessing the information. 

If your application includes an idea which you think has commercial potential please discuss with your Project Officer.