There are two mandatory stages for applicants:

For assessment of fit, you should complete a notification form and submit to your Project Officer to circulate to the committee for comment; this does not have to go to a committee meeting. This forms part of the usual notification process that MED and HSC already operate. For SCI and SSF a notification form is available for NIHR applications only.

Notification form for applicants from the Faculty of Health Sciences (MED & HSC)

NIS for applicants from the Faculty of Science (SCI) and the Faculty of Social Sciences (SSF)

The committee will provide comments on:

             a) assessment of school fit

             b) feasibility of the research question

             c) relevance to NIHR programme

For review prior to submission, the application/protocol in whatever state it is in will be submitted to your Project Officer for review at the next meeting. Exceptionally, this review can also take place outside of the committee meetings depending on the NIHR deadline. This should be at least 2 weeks prior to submission. The committee will provide feedback to the applicant (who will be invited to attend, along with the RIN Project Officer). If the applicant is unable to attend the meeting, then the Committee will feedback to the Project Officer, and a nominated member of the committee will be available for direct feedback via telephone or face to face meeting. A recommendation will be made to the Head of School and the NHS Trust on whether the application is ready for submission.

For Stage 2 (full) applications that have been successful at Stage 1 (outline) with NIHR, a copy of the Board response will also be provided to the committee with the application/protocol being reviewed.     

In addition, there are two optional stages for applicants:

At the design stage you are encouraged to submit a proposed project plan to CTU/RDS/NHS Trust and they will alert the review committee.

For proposal development, you can send an early version of the proposal for review at any time. This could be weeks or months before submission.

All submissions must be sent via email, prior to the deadline, to Danelle Breach (FMH Project Officer).

If you have any questions, please send through to the RIN FMH Team, where your query will be directed onwards to the relevant contact.

NIHR Review Panel Meeting Dates 2018/19





Deadline for Submission of Proposal to the NIHR Review Panel (by 1000hrs)

Tuesday 10 September 2019



Monday 02 September 2019

Tuesday 08 October  2019 


Thomas Paine Study Centre (TPSC) 2.24

Monday 30 September 2019

Tuesday 05 November 2019


Thomas Paine Study Centre (TPSC) 2.24

Monday 28 October 2019

Tuesday 03 December 2019


Thomas Paine Study Centre (TPSC) 2.24

Monday 25 November 2019