In response to Research Councils' requirement that universities control the quality of applications, UEA provides mandatory internal peer review for all applications to Research Councils. 

Applications to MRC are reviewed by the University's Biomedical & Clinical Review Committee (B&C). The Committee also reviews applications to NIHR (EME), the Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK, Arthritis Research UK, Alzheimer's Research UK, Alzheimer's Society, the British Heart Foundation and the European Research Council.

For further information please see the B&C Review Procedure pdf.


The Biomedical and Clinical (B&C) Committee sees its main role as providing well informed feedback and recommendations to the applicant, which should help to shape and develop proposals so that they stand a better chance of success. The Committee’s ultimate goal is to raise the success rate of grant applications from UEA, which is in the interest of the applicants and the institution as a whole. The review process is also committed to help identify at an early stage of grant development, ideas which are deemed unlikely to receive funding, thus avoiding wasted effort by the applicants in working them up into full proposals.


It is important that the Internal Review process is not seen as a burdensome one, but rather one which proves invaluable support for proposal development. The Committee therefore always welcomes feedback on ways in which the process can be made more pragmatic and effective.



All standard applications are required to undergo peer review. The exception is commissioned calls which have a short response time, of < 3 months to the submission date.


Review will be by a two-stage (3X3) process where applicants bring an initial idea and outline to the committee at least 3 months in advance (Stage 1), with the full application submitted for review at least 3 weeks (Stage 2) prior to the deadline. Such a protracted approach aims to provide sufficient time for successful development of the idea, into clearly defined hypotheses, aims and objectives, delivered through identified cutting-edge research approaches and methodologies and academic consortium, with the likely impact and translatability of the research stated. Therefore the applicants bring their grant bid to the committee twice.


The practicalities are as follows

  • The Committee meets once per month.
  • Meeting dates will be set well in advance and available from RIN.
  • The outline (Stage 1, FMH NIW form or equivalent, such as the completed front sections (Objectives, Summary, Technical Summary, Academic Beneficiaries, Impact Summary) of Je-S) and full application (Stage 2), should be submitted to RIN 7 days in advance of the meeting.
  • For Stage 1, please feel free to bring along  whatever other information may be useful to the committee meeting.
  • For Stage 2, it is essential that the Committee sees proposals in their final drafting stages, on the funder's proforma (e.g. Je-S for MRC applications), with all sections, including costings, submitted for review.
  • All paperwork should be submitted to RIN at least 7 days prior to the meeting.
  • Each outline or full application will be reviewed by at least 3 peers.
  • Applicants are invited to the meetings to discuss their proposals and it is important to try to attend if at all possible.
  • Feedback will be oral along with some written feedback which will help to shape the development of each proposal before submission.
  • Please note that this should be in addition to, and not instead of discussions with colleagues and your grant-mentor and also where appropriate discussions with the funder,
  • It is important that the grant is as good as it can be at point of submission, as most funders (such as MRC) do not allow a resubmission of unsuccessful grants.
  • The Committee will pass on its recommendations on the readiness of proposals for submission to the applicants, RIN and to the Heads of School following the final review.


Deadlines for submissions to the Committee for review and Committee meeting dates





Deadline for submission of proposal

B&C Committee meetings



28th Mar 2018 @ 12.00 9th Apr 2018 14:00-16:00 BCRE meeting room
8th May 2018 @ 12.00 14th May 2018 14:00-16:00 BCRE meeting room
28th May 2018 @ 12.00 4th Jun 2018 14:00-16:00 BCRE meeting room
2nd Jul 2018 @ 12.00 9th Jul 2018 14:00-16:00 BCRE meeting room
30th Jul 2018 @ 12.00 6th Aug 2018 14:00-16:00 BCRE meeting room

27th Aug 2018 @ 12.00
3rd Sep 2018 14:00-16:00 BCRE meeting room

24th Sep 2018 @ 12.00
1st Oct 2018 14:00-16:00 BCRE meeting room

29th Oct 2018 @ 12.00
5th Nov 2018 14:00-16:00 BCRE meeting room

26th Nov 2018 @ 12.00
3rd Dec 2018 14:00-16:00 BCRE meeting room