This internal peer review process is run through BIO on behalf of the University. All grant applications to the BBSRC (including joint proposals and proposals where UEA is not the lead institution) must be submitted for review.

The process has 2 stages. Stage 1 is the assessment of an outline of the proposed research, and Stage 2 is the evaluation of the full and complete proposal. In all cases applicants should work with the Project Officer for their School to prepare and cost both the summary and the full application. Please see the Guidelines for review for more information on the process.

Summary of Process

  • PIs have to submit a brief outline of the proposal using the BBSRC Outline Form. If the PI has held a BBSRC grant in the last 5 years, then they still need to complete the outline form.
  • The review panel will comment on this before a full proposal is developed to ensure that the idea is within BBSRC remit etc.
  • For New Investigators, it is advisable to submit an outline proposal in good time before the final deadline. New Investigator applications can be submitted during the first 3 years of appointment. The experience of the committee and applicants is that a high proportion of New Investigator proposals are delayed as they need to be developed further.
  • You need to stay within the limits of the word count on the outline form. Only fully completed outline forms will be considered by the review committee.
  • The second step is an evaluation of the full proposal (complete Je-S form together with all attachments). Comments from the review panel will be given to the PI with sufficient time to allow amendment of the application if necessary.
  • PIs / CoIs are welcome to attend the panel meetings to discuss their proposals. Applicants who have attended meetings in the past have found this to be helpful.
  • If you are applying for calls other than the standard responsive mode, please contact Eva Wan (BIO Project Officer) who will arrange for your proposal to be reviewed. Where possible other proposals will be incorporated into the Standard Responsive Mode review.


Timetable for review panel meetings - BBSRC

BBSRC deadlines (Responsive Mode) are usually mid-January, late April and late September. As the Council does not confirm exact dates until near the submission round, a guideline timetable is set out below:

6 weeks before BBSRC deadline – Review of outline proposals 
3 weeks before BBSRC deadline – Final receipt of completed (full) JeS forms
2 weeks before BBSRC deadline – Review of completed (full) JeS forms