The University requires that ALL grant applications (including outline applications) be approved prior to submission, regardless of the funder’s requirements. Your Project Officer can advise on specific arrangements.

School authorisation

Once internal peer review of your application has been satisfactorily completed (if appropriate) your Project Officer will arrange for your application and its costings to be authorised by your Head of School or an authorised delegate in advance of submission to the funder. The School Authorisation Guidelines provide information for applicants and Heads of School.

University authorisation

All applications and costings must then be authorised by an authorised University representative - usually your Project Officer. They will countersign the Authorisation Form. The University Authorisation Guidelines give further information.

Electronic submission

Many funders now require submission of applications and the subsequent financial and administrative management of awards via their own electronic systems. Applicants are often required to register on these systems. Funders usually require the University to approve each submission and at UEA this is usually done by your Project Officer.

Non-electronic submission

Once your Project Officer has confirmed that University authorisation has been obtained you may submit your application. Please send a hard or electronic copy of the application to him or her.