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International Girl Studies Association Inaugural Conference International Girl Studies Association Inaugural Conference

Sponsored by ResNet

7-9 April 2016

The School of Art, Media and American Studies and The Interdisciplinary Institute for the Humanities were delighted to host the inaugural International Girl Studies Association Conference held at the University of East Anglia, UK.

The inaugural conference brought together researchers and students working on girls and girlhood from different parts of the world and from different disciplines or interdisciplinary fields.

Girl Studies has become one of the most dynamic academic fields, encompassing a vast array of disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches. This conference brought together scholars from across the world giving them the opportunity to explore experiences of girlhood, recent developments within the field, investigating new questions and revisiting historical issues. 

my life, my story my life, my story

Saturday 5th March

A series of inspirational talks entitled ‘My Life, My Story’ to be held in the Auditorium at The Forum in Norwich. This is part of an all-day International Women's Day 2016 celebration ‘Different Lives: Different Stories’ @WRWNorfolk 


Brenna Hassett: Trowelblazers Brenna Hassett: Trowelblazers