Guidance about research conduct and requirements Guidance about research conduct and requirements

Guidance for Good Research Conduct

“Excellence and integrity are inextricably linked” - Foreword to 'The concordat to support research integrity.' David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science.

UEA Guidance

Responsibility for good research conduct at UEA rests with the Research Executive led by the Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise) Professor Fiona Lettice.

Guidance and resources are available by following these links:

Guidelines for Good Practice in Research
Research Ethics
Research Governance and Ethics for Health and Social Care
Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Misconduct in Research

Concerns about research conduct should in the first instance be taken to the Head of School. Where this is not appropriate, concerns should be taken to the Associate Dean for Research for the Faculty.

In addition to the University Policies and Guidelines, each School or subject area may also have standard operating procedures, protocols, codes of practice and legislative requirements which govern the way research is carried out and monitored. More information about Faculty-specific requirements can be found in the Research section of the Faculty web pages.

External Guidance

The Concordat to Support Research Integrity was published by Universities UK in 2012 on behalf of Government departments and funding bodies. From 2013/14 compliance with the Concordat is a condition of HEFCE funding.

Research Councils UK implemented their Guidelines for Good Research Conduct from 1 October 2009. These guidelines are a requirement of all grants and awards from the Research Councils, but there is also an expectation that bodies receiving RC funding will implement these guidelines for all research.

Research involving the NHS and Social Care is governed by the Department of Health Research Governance Framework (published in 2004 and to be replaced by the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research).

Research may also be governed by legislation (e.g. Mental Capacity Act 2005, Human Tissue Act 2004, Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations 2004, Medical Devices Regulations 2002).

Further information can be found on our Research Integrity Resources page and by following the links above.