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Staff Idea saves University £15k

A year on from when a staff efficiency idea was implemented the University has saved £15k.

In 2015 the Creating Headroom Project and Procurement Team collaborated on a value analysis of the University’s Mobile Phone and Mobile Broadband Contract. The analysis identified that the market had changed and as a result the University entered into a new contract in April 2015. The new contract provides improved mobile phone packages for the University whilst lowering costs.

A year on from the new contract Creating Headroom and Procurement have identified that whilst the amount of devices contracted by the University has increased the overall costs of the University’s contract has decreased by £15,762.84.

Over the next year the Procurement Team encourage anyone purchasing a phone or ordering a new handset to contact them prior to ordering. The Team may be able to purchase handsets at a subsidised or zero cost.

To get in touch with the Procurement Team please contact Lisa Donaldson;

The idea to analyse our mobile phone tariffs originated from a member of staff contacting the Creating Headroom Project and is a testament to the great ideas circulating across the University on how we could operate more efficiently and effectively. Creating Headroom would like to encourage all staff to send in their ideas and will look to share more great case studies of savings from across the University in the near future.

To get in touch please contact or visit the Creating Headroom webpages.