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Section 84 Reports

The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 introduced a reporting requirement, details are contained within section 84 of the Regulations

Section 84 requires contracting authorities to produce a report for every above threshold (Goods & Services £164,176, works £4,104,394) contract or framework agreement awarded.

The Regulations are prescriptive about the information that must be contained in the report, this includes an overview of the selection and award process used. A template is appended to this guide which sets out all of the information required. The report will also provide a useful overview of the process for auditors. 

The European Commission and Cabinet Office can request that the report is produced for their appraisal at any time. 

Along with the Section 84 report the University must ensure that it keeps sufficient documentation to justify decisions taken at all stages of the procurement procedure. This includes but is not limited to any communications with suppliers, preparation of procurement documents, evaluation comments, award approval etc. 

All documents must be retained for at least 3 years following the award of the contract.

Should you require any further details or examples of section 84 reports please contact a member of the Procurement Team.