What are Justification Forms and when to use them What are Justification Forms and when to use them

Procurement justification forms are used when a buyer cannot adhere to the procurement procedures when making a purchase.

When is a justification form required?

A justification form is designed to identify why a buyer was unable to abide by the University's Financial Regulations and EU Law. You would have been directed to this page or have been asked to complete a justification form for one of the following reasons:

  • your requirement is of value £5,000 - £25,000 but you cannot source 3 quotes

  • your requirement is of value £25,000 or above and you cannot undertake a tender exercise (lack of time is not a valid reason)

A justification form is not for

  • avoid sourcing 3 quotes

  • avoid tendering

  • to speed up the purchase process

Completing the form 

If you have followed the guidance above you should now complete one of the below forms depending on the value of your requirement.



£5,000 to £25,000

Under 3 Quotations Justification Form

£25,000 to £181,302

Single Action Justification Form

£181,302 or more

Single Action Justification Form


Please follow these steps to ensure your form has the best chance of being approved by Procurement:

  1. Do not order from the supplier until procurement have signed the form

  2. UEA Financial Regulations require 3 quotes or a tender is undertaken depending on the value of spend. Ensure you cannot undertake these processes. If procurement believe you can undertake the appropriate process your form will be rejected.

  3. Complete all boxes. Further guidance can be found below. It may be easiest to complete all boxes for the form in excel. Then convert to a pdf to print.

  4. Ensure the form has been signed by the person responsible for purchase and head of spending unit.

  5. Send the form to procurement@uea.ac.uk

  6. Procurement aim to respond to your request within 5 working days of receipt of your email

  7. Executive team sign off may be required if procurement deem so; this will add time before approval or rejection

What detail do I need to include on the form?

The form has the following sections to complete; alongside these sections is an explanation of exactly what information is required:

Form requires

What procurement need to see

School/Spending Unit

e.g. FPG, ARM, HIS, SCI etc


Project number e.g. RXXXXXX

Person Responsible for purchase

person at UEA who has been tasked with buying this good/service and whom the procurement team can request additional information from

Estimated Value (ex VAT)

The total value of this requirement. Do not include VAT when calculating this value. There is procurement guidance on how you can accurately estimate the value of your spend

Supplier Requested

The supplier are you requesting to be used

Product Code (see UBW for codes)

UBW has a 'Product' classification for goods or services. This is often 2 letters. e.g. AA = Audio visual/Presentation equipment; RE = General Consultancy; VA = Vehicle Purchase

Have you already ordered or received the goods or services from the supplier?

Justifications forms should be completed before any order has been made. However you must specify if you have already made the order this. This is so the procurement team know if we can assist you in sourcing your requirement or you have already committed UEA funds.

Description of Goods

Describe your requirement. How long is it for? e.g. 2 years, one off purchase. Does this include a warranty?

Why does the University need to make this purchase?

By completing this form you are requesting the procurement team approve a purchase. Procurement need to know there is a genuine need by the University for this. Please outline any benefit the University will receive from this purchase.

Reasons you cannot undertake the procurement process

This is the key part of the form. Procurement will only approve your form if this is satisfactorily completed. You must identify clearly how you have considered the procurement process applicable to your value of requirement; and then explain why it is not possible to follow this process.



First and Last Name

e.g. Jane Doe


date of signature e.g. 02/08/2018