Procurement Guidance for Staff Procurement Guidance for Staff

The Procurement team have assembled guidance within these webpages to assist University staff in the procurement process.

Summarised below are some key procurement policies and procedures to guide staff on the correct procedure for purchasing goods, services and works. However, we strongly recommend that if you intend to purchase anything you read the full policy and procedures or contact the university’s dedicated team.

Key Procurement information:

  • The Procurement team have negotiated on behalf of the University for various formally contracted suppliers (preferred suppliers). If the commodity required is covered by a preferred supplier then the order should normally be placed through them. These suppliers can be found on the Buyers’ Guide.
  • The University's Procurement Policy is that the Purchasing Office must be consulted on any proposed purchase (or grouping of similar purchases) where the estimated value exceeds £25,000 (ex VAT)
  • If the estimated value exceeds £25,000 (ex VAT) and there is no other supplier which can provide the requirement, then the Single Tender justification form should be completed and approved.
  • If the value is between £5,000 and £25,000 (ex VAT) and it is not possible to obtain 3 quotes for the requirement, then the Single Quote justification form should be completed and approved.
  • FP002 - Ordering Goods & Services and Authorising Invoices

The following table is a summary of the actions staff need to take depending on the value of the purchase:

Value of Purchase

University and Legal Requirements

Less than £5K ex VAT

No requirements

£5K to £25K ex VAT

Purchaser to acquire 3-5 written quotes for the goods, services or works desired. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to keep records of these quotes.

>£25K ex VAT

Above £25,000 the Procurement team must be involved

£25K to £181K ex VAT

Contact the Procurement team who will invite sealed bid tenders

EU Limits


£181,302 – Goods and services


£4,551,413 - Works

Contact the Procurement team who will advertise the requirement in OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) and invite sealed bid tenders in line with EU regulations