We offer a range of prizes and scholarships for students We offer a range of prizes and scholarships for students

The University of East Anglia has a long tradition of recognising and rewarding its students for outstanding achievement in both academic and non-academic fields.

The University currently offers nearly 200 scholarships and prizes to students across the academic spectrum, the majority of which are awarded on an annual basis.

There are many different scholarships and prizes available, some of which are only open to students of specific Schools and others which are open to all students across the University.

Prizes can range from money to put towards books and resources to travel costs and are usually awarded in consultation with the donor of the prize where relevant.

The University would like to recognise the fact that all the scholarships and prizes currently on offer to students have been made possible by the generous support of individual donors both past and present.

For more details of all the scholarships and prizes on offer throughout the academic year please follow the relevant Faculty links in the left hand menu. The scholarships and prizes are organised by Faculty and then by the School in which they are awarded. For scholarships and prizes open to all students currently enrolled at the University please click on the University link in the left hand menu.

Please see the individual scholarship or prize page for details of eligibility and value of each scholarship and prize as well as for the rules regarding the awarding of each scholarship and prize.

If you are interested in sponsoring a scholarship or prize at the University of East Anglia or finding out more information on the prizes available please contact giving@uea.ac.uk.

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