About this charter About this charter

This charter sets out the five key goals of the Print Service, against which we will measure ourselves. The scope of this charter includes the range of services provided by Print Services.

Timely service

Print Services objective is to complete your job request to a high standard and make it available to you for your use by an agreed deadline. We will measure how often we keep to our agreements, aiming for 100%

Timely communication

When you contact Print Services with a job request we will normally respond promptly to either:

  • Request further information
  • Confirm that your deadline can be met
  • Explore flexibility in your timescale when high volumes are being experienced

We will aim to answer the phone in person within 20 seconds, and when you send an email we will aim to reply the same day, during normal working hours.

Effective communication

We will maintain clear, accurate and complete information on our website, to help you obtain service.

When we need to tell you about expected peaks in requests to Print Services that may affect our turnaround time, we will do so in good time via all appropriate channels.

We will ensure that our communications with you are free of jargon and sent via all appropriate channels

Compliant solutions

We will advise you how to remain compliant with the University's copyright policy and branding guidelines

Professional approach

We will act in a professional manner in all our dealings with you.


How did we do? How did we do?

We'd like your feedback via printservices@uea.ac.uk. If we fall short of meeting your expectations we'll get in touch to find out why.