Doctoral College – new for 2018-19 Doctoral College – new for 2018-19

During 2018-19 we have built on the excellent work of our Graduate Schools by launching the UEA Doctoral College. Our doctoral college will support postgraduate researchers, creating a nurturing environment by bringing together researchers across all of our Graduate Schools, enabling collaboration and innovation. Attracting new early career researchers and academic supervisors for future generations, UEA’s Doctoral College will enhance our existing provision for postgraduate researchers and improve the visibility of our research to researchers, industry and policy makers.

Governance structure and interaction with Graduate Schools

The Doctoral College Executive (previously the Postgraduate Research Executive) is chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation, and meets five times per year. The Head of PGR Service is its Secretary.

Each Faculty has a Graduate School, for which the Postgraduate Research Service provides most of the administration working from the Postgraduate Research Office on campus. Other administration is provided by the Faculty PGR Training Coordinator and any local support staff involved in supporting the Faculty Associate Dean for Postgraduate Research or the Training Coordinator. A Graduate School Executive (GSE) in each Faculty is chaired by the Faculty Associate Dean for Postgraduate Research; a Postgraduate Research Officer acts as its Secretary.

The Norwich Bioscience Institutes (NBI) Graduate School is administered by staff within the Postgraduate Research Service based at the NBI Graduate School Office in Earlham Institute, working with other NBI staff. It has a Graduate School Executive including PGR Directors from the John Innes Centre (JIC), The Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL), the Earlham Institute (EI) and the Quadram Institute Bioscience (QIB).  The NBI GSE is chaired by the NRP Biosciences DTP Director; the Secretary is the NBI Graduate Studies Manager.

The University of Suffolk Graduate School is administered by Graduate School staff at the University of Suffolk working with the Postgraduate Research Service. The Suffolk Postgraduate Research Committee is chaired by the Director of Research and Chair of Graduate School at the University of Suffolk, with the Graduate School Administrator as its Secretary; the UEA Academic Director and Head of PGR Service also attend.

Each committee meets approximately every two to three months.

Find out more about our Graduate Schools here.

Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) and Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs)

UEA is currently part of eight Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) / Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs):

The PGR Service coordinates a DTP Management Board for each of the first two DTPs, which meet at least three times per year.