Academic Director of Research Degree Programmes (ADRDP) Academic Director of Research Degree Programmes (ADRDP)

Name Email Telephone
Dr Nick Watmough +44 (0)1603 59 2179

Associate Deans of Postgraduate Research (and equivalent) Associate Deans of Postgraduate Research (and equivalent)

Title                                   Name                    Email Telephone
Associate Dean of PGR, Arts and Humanities Dr John Turnpenny +44 (0)1603
59 3908
Associate Dean of PGR, Medicine and Health Sciences Prof. Kenda Crozier +44 (0)1603
59 7094
Associate Dean of PGR, Science Prof. Alastair Grant +44 (0)1603
59 2537
Associate Dean of PGR, Social Sciences Dr Yann Lebeau +44 (0)1603
59 2754

Chair of Norwich Bioscience Institutes GSE

Prof. Dave Evans

+44 (0)1603 450442

Chair of Suffolk Postgraduate Research Committee

Prof. Mohammad Dastbaz

+44 (0)1473 338343

PGR Course Directors PGR Course Directors

Faculty School Programme Name                             Email
FMH HSC ProfD Health and Social Care Prof. Nicola Spalding
Dr Jenny Moore
FMH MED ClinPsyD Prof. Kenneth Laidlaw

FMH MED MD Prof. Alexander Macgregor
SSF EDU EdD Dr Irene Biza

SSF EDU EdPsyD Dr Nick Hammond

FMH School PGR Directors FMH School PGR Directors

School Role  Name      Email                                              
HSC All programmes           Dr Jan McAllister   
MED PhD, MPhil & MScR programmes Dr Penny Powell
MED PhD, MPhil & MScR
Prof. Alastair Watson
MED ClinPsyD programme Dr Sian Coker
MED MD programme Prof. Alexander Macgregor


HUM School PGR Directors HUM School PGR Directors

School Role                    Name                          Email
AMA All programmes Dr Sarah Garland
HIS All programmes Prof. Geoffrey Plank
LDC All programmes Dr Matthew Taunton
PPL All programmes Dr Alexander Brown

NBI PGR Directors NBI PGR Directors

Institute Role                    Name                            Email                                              
EI All programmes Dr Wilfried Haerty
QIB All programmes Dr Paul Kroon
JIC All programmes Dr Stephen Bornemann
TSL All programmes Prof. Sophien Kamoun


SCI School PGR Directors SCI School PGR Directors

School Role                   Name                           Email
BIO All programmes Dr Gabriella Kelemen
CHE All programmes Prof. Steve Meech
CMP All programmes Dr Katharina Huber
ENV All programmes Mr Peter Simmons
ENG All programmes Dr Vanessa Miemietz
MTH All programmes Dr Vanessa Miemietz
PHA All programmes Prof. Arasu Ganesan


SSF School PGR Directors SSF School PGR Directors

School Role                     Name                            Email
DEV PGR admissions Dr Ben Jones
DEV Current PGRs Dr Jessica Budds

ECO PGR admissions Prof. Stephen Davies
ECO Current PGRs Dr Corrado di Maria
EDU PGR admissions Prof. Anna Robinson-Pant
EDU Current PGRs Dr Esther Priyadharshini
LAW PGR admissions Prof. David Mead
LAW Current PGRs Dr Michael Hamilton
NBS PGR admissions & current PGRs

Dr Min Zhang

PSY Current PGRs Dr Natalie Wyer
PSY PGR admissions Dr Sara Bengtsson
SWK PGR admissions & current PGRs Prof. Marian Brandon

Further PGR Academic Contacts Further PGR Academic Contacts

Please see our webpage for details of the Academic Leads for Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) and Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs).

For a further list of PGR academic contacts, either consult the relevant Graduate School webpages, or contact Nicky Bastian.