PRES 2013 PRES 2013

As background to PRES 2015, here are key examples of actions being taken at Faculty and University level in response to your feedback. Faculty action plans have also been produced which cover many more detailed actions at School and Faculty level.


  • Improved facilities for postgraduate research students in the Library following a consultation and investment of capital funding;
  • Meetings in summer 2013 including student representation from all Faculties to agree a proposal to UEA Space Management Group;
  • Short-term enhancements for students using the Arts 01 Graduate School Centre and for various other research student offices around the campus.


  • Establishment of a Research Student Forum in every Faculty, to be supported by links with new UUEAS Postgraduate Education Officer;
  • Faculties and Schools exploring improvements to induction, for example, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences has introduced a buddy system to assist new students to settle in;
  • Action plans for PRES had dissemination strategies to ensure that students know that actions are being taken in response to feedback.


  • ESRC funding for cross-Faculty advanced training on Social Studies of Environment and Sustainability, led by Faculty of Social Sciences;
  • Disseminating good practice within Faculties, for example encouraging all Schools in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities to adopt PSI’s approach to seminars and workshops;
  • University-wide Doctoral Training Strategy being developed to improve and go beyond current PPD programmes.

Supervision and feedback

  • All Faculties have reviewed their supervisor training and developed new formats to encourage supervisors to share best practice, including online and face-to-face sessions;
  • Faculties and the Postgraduate Research Service working to improve the identification of potential problems with student progress;
  • Guidelines for timeliness and volume of feedback on draft thesis chapters are being developed within the Faculty of Science.

Response rates

Ongoing work with UEA's Business Intelligence Unit and UUEAS to:

  • develop strategy for PRES 2015 to achieve a UEA response rate of at least 40%, compared to 33% at UEA and 42% nationally from PRES 2013;
  • introduce surveys in the intervening years from 2016, and improve turnaround time of post-PRES action plans.