PPD Training Credits PPD Training Credits

Each PPD session carries with it a training credit rating. These non-transferable credits mark the amount of training you have conducted. If you registered as a postgraduate researcher before 30 September 2017, then unless you are planning to comply with a specific training pathway’s requirements, you are required to complete ten credits per year if you are a full time postgraduate researcher, or five per year if you are a part time postgraduate researcher.

Postgraduate researchers who registered on or after 1 October 2017 must comply with a training pathway’s requirements, rather than by completing a set number of credits.

Training credits are also awarded for your attendance at specific Faculty and School seminars or events, as well as external events and through experiential learning, namely learning by doing.

A large part of these credits are awarded automatically through your registering for and attendance at PPD sessions via eVision. However for certain activities, you are required to complete other tasks to receive training credits – follow the links below to see your relevant Graduate School's policy for recording training credits.