PURE and People Pages for Postgraduate Researchers PURE and People Pages for Postgraduate Researchers

Introducing Pure

Pure is the UEA online system which contains all of the information relating to your research and activities in one place. It then feeds this information to your UEA People Page listed on your School of study’s website.

You will be able to edit your profile in Pure and view your UEA People Page until the date of your Pass List after the final submission of your thesis, which marks the end of your research programme at UEA.

Please note that, for technical reasons, if you have already submitted your thesis there may be a slight delay before you appear in the list of postgraduate researchers on your School’s website.

Frequently asked questions

What is Pure and what’s in it?
Read about how to get started here and find out more about Pure and Pure data here.


How do I login to Pure?
Go to pure.uea.ac.uk

How do I update my profile in Pure?
Read more here


How do I add a research output to Pure?
Read more here


Who can I contact for help or advice?
Email pure@uea.ac.uk

Do I need to keep my profile up to date?
The information on your profile should be accurate, and we recommend that you keep it up to date since this is good practice for all researchers.

Much of the data in Pure comes from UEA’s student record system, maintained by PGR Service. If you are concerned about missing or incorrect data you may find it useful to contact your PGR Service team.

Remember that personal and course details held by UEA about you can be viewed in eVision > Student home page > Personal and course details

Are there any restrictions on my profile photo?
Your profile photograph, if you use one, should be a head-and-shoulders shot suitable to your role as a professional researcher, and no bigger than 2-3MB.

What happens if I interrupt my studies?
You will still be able to edit your profile and People Page if you interrupt your studies, unless your general IT access has been removed for another reason.

Can I delete my profile?
As at present, if you don’t wish your name and People Page to be publically displayed, you should contact pure@uea.ac.uk, copying in your PGR Service team. Please note that it may not be possible to reverse this choice and restore all data.

I am a postgraduate researcher in the NBI Graduate School and already have a profile page at one of the Norwich Bioscience Institutes. What should I do?
To avoid duplication of effort, the NBI Graduate School Executive has agreed that NBIROS and Institute websites should be the default requirement for NBI students to complete and maintain. They agreed that you should also, as a minimum, use Pure to put a link on your UEA People Page to direct visitors to your biography and full publication list on your Institute postgraduate researcher page. You can, if you wish, fully populate your UEA People Page, but that information must be consistent with that on your Institute pages and kept updated.