Information for Postgraduate Research Students Information for Postgraduate Research Students

UEA Postgraduate Research Students

There are a number of services and sources of information that you may find of use during your studies, which can be found below. If you do have any issues that are not covered here, contact the PGR Service for advice. 

Resources for Postgraduate Research Students Resources for Postgraduate Research Students

New students

It is the University’s aim to make the start of your degree as easy as possible. The new students' web site will guide you through the crucial things you need to do before, during and in the weeks after your arrival at UEA.

Personal and Professional Development

To help you develop the research and employability skills you need for your degree and beyond, UEA runs a number of Personal and Professional Development (PPD) Programmes. These are designed to develop your intellectual and practical needs as a higher level researcher. 

As a mandatory requirement of your research, an online directory for all PPD programmes and events has been created to assist you in finding suitable programmes to attend.

Annual Progress Review

During each year of your studies, you are required to submit an online Annual Progress Review (APR) of the previous year’s work.  

There is a set procedure that you are required to follow for the APR. To assist you with this, a full step by step guide for the APR process has been created to help you complete your online submission.


A key component of your research at UEA will be the completion of your thesis. There are a number of resources available to help guide you in the process of researching and writing your thesis. For example, PPD sessions run throughout the year, covering the different stages of completing your thesis, and can be found on the PPD Online Directory.

One useful document that will help guide you in formatting your work can be found in the following policy document: 

Your supervisory team, especially your primary supervisor, will also be a key asset in guiding you through the process of researching and writing your thesis. Finally, further generic information on completing your thesis can be found on the Vitae website.

To view completed theses, a searchable digital archive of the research and enterprise output produced by staff and research postgraduates at University of East Anglia is available for consultation. This may be of some use to you during your own work. Similarly, the British Library's EThOS archive provides a large number of research papers for public consultation.

Viva assessment

Once you have submitted your thesis, you are required to defend your work at an oral examination, known as a viva. It is important that you consult your supervisory team about what to expect, and ways you can go about preparing for the assessment. There are a number of PPD sessions that are focused on helping you to prepare for your viva, and can be viewed on the PPD Online Directory.

You may also find the section on the Vitae website, which provides generic advice for defending your thesis, of particular use whilst preparing for your viva.


There are a number of key regulations that you should familiarise yourself with whilst studying at UEA. These include: 


During your studies, you may encounter a situation where you need to submit a concession against the regulations, for example to extend your period of registration. If this is the case, please consult the dedicated concessions page for further information on this matter. 


It is possible to log on and check and amend your student records by logging onto eVision

Graduate Schools 

Check your relevant Graduate School webpage for specific information relating to your School, Institute or Faculty.

Student Services

There are a number of bodies within UEA that will represent and support you across a range of different needs during your studies. These include: 

PGR Facilities 

Alongside the facilities open to all students at UEA, there are some resources for postgraduate use only. For example, the Library offers a reserved area for PGR students, with 39 study spaces and 60 lockers on a first come first served basis.  

Other PGR areas specific to your relevant Faculty can be found detailed in your relevant Graduate School webpage and handbooks.