Electronic Thesis Submission and Access Electronic Thesis Submission and Access


Once confirmation has been received from the examiners that any corrections or revisions to the thesis have been completed to their satisfaction, postgraduate researchers are asked to submit two copies of the thesis in accordance with rules approved by the Senate. The electronic copy of the thesis will be deposited in the University Library; the second (hard-bound) copy will be deposited with the School or Institute most concerned with the thesis. Where redaction of material from the thesis has been approved by the University an electronic copy of the redacted version of the thesis must also be submitted.

The University encourages open access to research wherever possible. This means that e-theses will automatically be in the public domain via the UEA Digital Repository and British Library EThOS service unless a postgraduate researcher requests that access to the thesis is temporarily restricted (an “embargo”).

The University recognises however, that open access may not be suitable for all theses and that there are instances where it is reasonable for an author to seek to restrict access to their thesis for a specified period of time in order that their interests are not prejudiced or where other factors support such a restriction. The University Regulations on Consultation and Borrowing of Theses (Research Degree Policy Document - Section 3) permit Schools on request from the author (via the Research Degree Entry form) to embargo a thesis for a period of up to three years. The thesis is not then sent to the British Library EThOS service and whilst stored electronically in the UEA Digital Repository, access is restricted until the end of the embargo period.

The decision to opt in or out of open access should be made by postgraduate researchers themselves, following full discussion with their supervisory team and consideration of any external requirements.

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