PGR Initial Supervisory Meetings PGR Initial Supervisory Meetings

It is a requirement of the Code of Practice for Research Degrees (Section 2, pages 8-9) that:

"As part of the induction process, there will be an Initial Meeting between the research degree candidate and the primary supervisor within three weeks of registration ..."

In October 2018 online functionality was introduced to record decisions made at the initial meetings of postgraduate researchers - other than those based at NBI and those on the Doctorates in Clinical and Educational Psychology, who have their own processes.

Areas to be covered, which are recorded on the online form, include:

  • agreeing the research topic, a provisional working title, the working objectives of the project, and a timetable of activity over the period of study
  • discussing any ethical approval requirements for the research project
  • clarifying the roles of the supervisory team (including percentage weightings)
  • fixing future meetings, including for training needs analysis
  • identifying the probationary review panel and reviewing the provisional date

Further information and guidance on using the system - which is based on eVision, the web front-end to UEA's student record system - can be found here:

Student guide (PDF) Primary supervisor guide (PDF)
Copy of student questions (PDF) Copy of supervisor questions (PDF)
Second supervisor sign-off (PDF) PGR Director/AD sign-off (PDF)