Research Student Concessions Research Student Concessions

Before submitting a concession request you should discuss the situation and possible solutions with your supervisory team, your School or Institute PGR Director, or the PGR Officer for your Faculty (PGR Service). 

You can also seek guidance and advice from the Student Union Advice Service.

How to submit a research student concession 

The most usual research student concession requests are for a reduction, extension or interruption to their research programme, although there are other types. A full list of the concessions available can be found in the PGR Service Concessions Guide

A flowchart has been produced to help guide you through the concession application process (a text version of the process is here).

Flowchart for process of research student concession submission


Research Student Concession Forms Research Student Concession Forms

Research Student Concession Forms

All the forms required to complete an application for a research student concession are listed below: 

Mac users or anyone experiencing difficulties with the interactive MS-Word forms should follow this link to contact the PGR Service.


Further Information for Research Student Concessions Further Information for Research Student Concessions

The PGR Service Concessions Guide

The full PGR Service Concessions Guide is available for consultation for any students who are considering applying for a concession against the regulations. This document includes a number of case studies, which may be of use for those completing an application.


Completion Plan

A number of sample Completion Plans have been produced to help you through the process of applying for a concession:


Notice to Interrupting PGR Students

The Notice to Interrupting PGR Students is issued to all interrupting PGR students once an interruption concession has been officially approved. It contains important information about your status while you are interrupting and actions to take on your return to study.


Return to Study Forms

Below you will find the forms required to return to your studies from a period of interruption: 



There are five possible outcomes that can be given to a concession application, which are listed below. 

Final Outcome Consequence
Approved The concession is approved and the student’s records updated. 
Approved with amendment The amended concession is approved. If the amendments extend fees or other liabilities longer than the submitter’s request, consent for these amendments will be sought. 
Rejected The concession is rejected, and the student’s records updated in accordance with the original situation. The submitter is not allowed to submit a further concession on the same matter unless there is a substantial change in circumstances. 
Information missing Records are updated in accordance with the original situation. This outcome will only be given where the student/School has not provided information after suitable notice and within a reasonable time period. The submitter may submit a further concession on the same matter but should include the missing information.  
Withdrawn Records are updated in accordance with the original situation.


What to do if you're not happy with an outcome

Although you cannot appeal the outcome of a rejected concession, you are able to make an academic complaint, which may address any aspect of your academic experience. The forms and further guidance can be found on our PGR Appeals and Complaints web page.


Turnaround Time

The PGR Service aims to provide you with the final verdict within 20 working days of the receipt of your concession application, though this timeframe is a guide, and not a mandatory target.