Research Programme Concessions Research Programme Concessions

There are situations where it is more appropriate for an academic member of staff to submit a concession request rather than a  postgraduate researcher. 

How to submit a research programme concession 

There are a number of requests that need to be made under a research programme concession. For example, having a viva take place more than three months after thesis submission, or the readmission of a postgraduate researcher who has withdrawn. 

A full list of the concessions available, and who can make them (for example supervisor, examiner or PGR Director), can be found in the updated PGR Service Concessions Guide [Updated January 2020].

A flowchart has been produced to help guide you through the concession application process (a text version of the process is here).

A flowchart detailing the process of submitting a research programme concession

Research Programme Concession Forms Research Programme Concession Forms

Research Programme Concession Forms [UPDATED DECEMBER 2019]

All the forms required to complete an application for a research programme concession are listed below: 

Changes as a result of COVID-19 Changes as a result of COVID-19


With effect from 19 March 2020 Alastair Grant, the University's Academic Director of UEA Doctoral College, has approved the following streamlined online viva approval process. A concessions form will no longer be required. 

An email can be sent to and the relevant Graduate School team, including basic details of the candidate and the viva date plus these two required pieces of information:

  • The candidate’s written consent (via email is acceptable) to viva arrangements by videoconferencing.
  • The written agreement (via email is acceptable) of an Independent Chair who is going to be on the videoconferencing call. They do not need to be from the same School or Faculty so long as they are in a broadly similar discipline.

These requests will be approved as quickly as possible, especially if it is urgent.

National guidance strongly recommends using an Independent Chair for vivas held by videoconference. The Independent Chair's role is to enable the examiners to focus on the academic issues, and ensure that the candidate is not disadvantaged by the format. It will, therefore, only be possible for a viva to proceed without an Independent Chair in exceptional circumstances.

Please note that 'Research Degree Policy Document Section 9 - The Role of the Independent Chair' and the 'Guidance on the use of videoconferencing or Skype (or equivalent) for an oral examination' both still need to be followed and are available via our "PGR Examinations" webpage at:

UPDATE 25 MARCH 2020: The approval will stand if the date of the viva needs to be changed, so no further request is needed if this happens. However, please let the relevant Graduate School team know of any date change so they are aware of which vivas are happening when.


New guidance is available - please see our PGR Annual Progress and Probationary Review webpage.

Further Information for Research Programme Concessions Further Information for Research Programme Concessions

The PGR Service Concessions Guide

Further details are available in the updated version of the PGR Concessions Guide [Updated January 2020].


Turnaround Time

The Postgraduate Research Service aims to respond to concessions with a final outcome within 20 working days of the receipt of a concession application, provided that the application is complete and accompanied by all the supporting information / documentation required.