Research Programme Concessions Research Programme Concessions

There are situations where it is more appropriate for an academic member of staff to submit a concession request rather than a  postgraduate researcher. 

How to submit a research programme concession 

There are a number of requests that need to be made under a research programme concession. For example, having a viva take place more than three months after thesis submission, or the readmission of a postgraduate researcher who has withdrawn. 

A full list of the concessions available, and who can make them (for example supervisor, examiner or PGR Director), can be found in the updated PGR Service Concessions Guide [Updated January 2020].

A flowchart has been produced to help guide you through the concession application process (a text version of the process is here).

A flowchart detailing the process of submitting a research programme concession

Research Programme Concession Forms Research Programme Concession Forms

Research Programme Concession Forms [UPDATED DECEMBER 2019]

All the forms required to complete an application for a research programme concession are listed below: 

Further Information for Research Programme Concessions Further Information for Research Programme Concessions

The PGR Service Concessions Guide

Further details are available in the updated version of the PGR Concessions Guide [Updated January 2020].


Turnaround Time

The Postgraduate Research Service aims to respond to concessions with a final outcome within 20 working days of the receipt of a concession application, provided that the application is complete and accompanied by all the supporting information / documentation required.