Research Programme Concessions Research Programme Concessions

There are situations where it is more appropriate for an academic member of staff to submit a concession request rather than a  postgraduate researcher. 

How to submit a research programme concession 

There are a number of requests that need to be made under a research programme concession. For example, having a viva take place more than three months after thesis submission, or the readmission of a postgraduate researcher who has withdrawn. 

A full list of the concessions available, and who can make them (for example supervisor, examiner or PGR Director), can be found in the PGR Service Concessions Guide. Please note that, as at November 2018, the Guide is in the process of being updated to reflect recent changes to Regulations, Research Degree Policy Documents and the Code of Practice for Research Degrees, so please also refer to your PGR Service Team for further guidance.

A flowchart has been produced to help guide you through the concession application process (a text version of the process is here).

A flowchart detailing the process of submitting a research programme concession

Research Programme Concession Forms Research Programme Concession Forms

Research Programme Concession Forms

All the forms required to complete an application for a research programme concession are listed below: 

  • Research Programme - Admissions - This covers registration on non-quarter date, English language, institute transfer, Category A including staff and readmission
  • Research Programme - Lifecycle - This covers reductions pre-registration, exceeding supervision limits, missing thesis reports, approval of examiners (Cat A), viva and misc.

Mac users or anyone experiencing difficulties with the interactive MS-Word forms should follow this link to contact the PGR Service.


Further Information for Research Programme Concessions Further Information for Research Programme Concessions

The PGR Service Concessions Guide

Further details will be available in the updated version of the PGR Service Concessions Guide, which is currently being drafted. In the meantime please refer to your PGR Service Team for further guidance.


Turnaround Time

The PGR Service aims to provide you with the final verdict within 20 working days of the receipt of your concession application, though this timeframe is a guide, and not a mandatory target.