Leave for Postgraduate Researchers Leave for Postgraduate Researchers

This page covers parental and adoption leave, annual and special leave, and study away from Norwich.

Parental and adoption leave

All Postgraduate Research Degree students who make a request for maternity leave will normally be allowed up to 12 months interruption to their studies.

Funding from an external source directly to the student, or which is provided as a bursary administered on behalf of an external funder, will not be considered a studentship. Recipients will not be offered studentship terms and conditions. In this instance, the student will be classed as self-funded when considering maternity, shared parental or adoption leave, unless there is a formal contact clause that varies this position. However, there may be an authorisation to release student data to funders, in accordance with GDPR provisions.

Maternity leave will normally commence at any time between the 11th week before the EWC (expected week of childbirth) and the birth of the child. However, where legislative, sponsor or other requirements (e.g. flight restrictions) mean that leave may need to start earlier this will normally be accommodated. Where there are any conflicts, legislation will take precedence.

It is normally expected that new mothers will take at least 2 weeks maternity leave. Students who apply for up to 10 working days leave will have this time classed as special additional annual leave. As is the case for annual leave, special additional annual leave will not extend the Period of Study or Registration. For visa nationals this will be subject to change in accordance with UK Immigration Legislation.

All students may apply for up to 10 days ordinary paternity leave, as long as they are the biological father of the child, or the mother’s husband or partner (including same-sex relationships). They must provide a written statement from the mother to confirm this. This will be classed as special additional annual leave and, as is the case for annual leave, will not extend the Period of Study or Registration. For visa nationals this will be subject to change in accordance with UK Immigration Legislation. To apply for paternity leave please complete this form (MS Word) and submit it to the PGR Office (SCI 0.65) so that your absence record can be updated.

Shared parental leave will only be available to students whose funding the University administers and where their issued Studentship Terms and Conditions specifically state that paid parental leave is offered. In this instance applicants must meet the eligibility for shared parental leave. Where terms and conditions do not state it, funded shared parental leave will not normally be available.

Adoption leave will be granted on the same basis as maternity leave and ordinary paternity leave. Students must supply a “matching certificate” from an adoption agency to qualify for adoption leave.

In all cases for funded students, the School of study or if appropriate the Faculty will underwrite the risk that a sponsor may not approve an extension to a grant to cover a period of maternity leave approved for a student. If the School cannot underwrite this, this issue must be flagged up by the School as part of the supervisor or Postgraduate Research director’s comments on the concession request.

Annual and special leave

An online system has been introduced from 01 October 2018 to enable full-time Postgraduate Researchers (excluding those based at NBI and those on the Doctorates in Clinical and Educational Psychology) to apply online for annual leave (26 days) and special leave (up to 5 days a year). Full details can be found on our website here.

Study away from Norwich

Full-time students should live within a reasonable travel time (e.g. within an hour) of their study location. If you are travelling away from the University on University business, whether on fieldwork, placement or for a conference or summer school, you will need to consider whether you have appropriate insurance. See UEA Travel Insurance pages for details, and the related pages for other insurance guidance.

All full-time students must also inform the Postgraduate Research Service in advance – no less than 20 working days prior to the start of the period – if they will be away from the University for a period greater than 2 weeks (10 working days), including any period of absence which is an essential part of study including fieldwork or study visits. This is particularly vital for students who are on a Tier 4 visa since the University is required to report a change of study base to UK Visas and Immigration.

All absences must be applied for and approved in accordance with the University procedures associated with that absence type; some may also need Ethical Approval and for you to carry out an appropriate Risk Assessment. See our Forms page for Research and Fieldwork Absence forms, or talk with your supervisory team, PGR Director, or PGR Service team for further guidance.