Circumstances affecting Postgraduate Research Studies (concessions) Circumstances affecting Postgraduate Research Studies (concessions)

During your time at the University of East Anglia, you may encounter circumstances that affect your studies. In such situations, you may wish to consider taking a concession against the regulations. 


19 March 2020: Updated guidance on concession requests for vivas to take place via videoconferencing - please see our Research Programme Concessions webpage.

23 March 2020: Updated guidance on Probationary Review Meetings taking place via videoconferencing - please see our PGR Annual Progress and Probationary Review webpage.

27 March 2020: Updated guidance on Extensions to thesis submission and resubmission deadlines - please see our COVID-19 FAQs page.

6 April 2020: Updated guidance on the return of UEA Library books for those commencing a period of interruption while the Library is closed - please see our Research Student Concessions page.


What is a concession? 

A concession is an exception to the established procedures and regulations of the University, such as requesting an extension to your period of study, or applying for an interruption.  

Before applying for a concession, it is worth consulting the University's regulations, to assess what actions may be open within established bounds. Reference points include: 

It is also worth noting that concessions are designed for unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, not to compensate for poor progress, work commitments or poor supervision. 

Who can submit a concession? 

Both postgraduate researchers and staff can submit a concession, known as research student concessions and research programme concessions respectively. The information and forms required for each one can be found in the links below: 

Concession requests are subject to consideration – for Minor level requests this will be within the relevant School, with General or Major level requests additionally requiring consideration by the Faculty Associate Dean (PGR) or the University’s Academic Director of UEA Doctoral College. It is possible that the consideration will result in approval, approval with amendment(s) or rejection of the request.

Further details are available in the updated version of the PGR Concessions Guide [Updated January 2020].

Extenuating Circumstances for Professional Doctorate Students Extenuating Circumstances for Professional Doctorate Students

ClinPsyD, EdD, MEd, ProfD and EdPsyD only

Note: Extensions of 7 working days shall be approved automatically on receipt of an Extenuating Circumstances Report Form on one occasion in an academic year per postgraduate researcher. There shall be no requirement for supporting evidence and the postgraduate researcher may treat the request as approved on submission of the form (see section 5.1 in the above Regulations for full details).