NEW - Probationary Reviews by videoconference NEW - Probationary Reviews by videoconference

With effect from 23 March 2020 Probationary Review Meetings should be held by videoconference. No concessionary paperwork is needed to approve this. At least one Internal Assessor must attend, and at least one member of the supervisory team (as many as can manage), and the candidate.

An additional Independent Chair is not required, but if one has already been appointed and is available we would encourage them to continue in this role to give the candidate additional feedback.

If a postgraduate researcher or staff member who is due to take part in the Probationary Review Meeting does not have videoconferencing access, or cannot prepare properly/is not available due to illness or personal circumstances, then the Probationary Review Meeting should be postponed for now.

Candidates who are unhappy for the probationary review to take place in the current circumstances should discuss this with their supervisory team. It is likely to be valuable to have a discussion with the whole supervisory team, but we do not want you to be disadvantaged by these extraordinary circumstances.

We are currently allowing probationary reviews to be postponed so that they can be held up to a month later than normally allowed by the Award Regulations. For example, for 1 October 2019 full-time starters, this means that they can be held any time up to 31 July 2020 without requiring any concession paperwork. If a probationary review has to be postponed beyond its normal date (typically May), we still encourage postgraduate researchers to discuss the questions that the review asks and their plans for the next few months with their supervisory team.


PLEASE NOTE: the online process described below is not followed by postgraduate researchers based at the Norwich Bioscience Institutes or the University of Suffolk, who should contact their Graduate School Office for details.A screenshot of the 'Personal and course details' link

User guides - with step-by-step instructions User guides - with step-by-step instructions

This guidance is for postgraduate researchers who use the online system on eVIsion, so not those based at the Norwich Bioscience Institutes or the University of Suffolk.

Annual Progress Review tasks Probationary Review tasks
Background Background
Student Student
Primary Supervisor Internal Assessor (Chair)
Second Supervisor Additional Internal Assessor
Team Member -
School or Faculty sign-off School or Faculty sign-off

Getting to eVision Getting to eVision

You will need your UEA user name and password:

Link to eVision on the Portal home page

Don't lose your answers! Don't lose your answers!


eVision has NO autosave function and 'times-out' after 30 minutes of inactivity. To avoid losing your work if it times-out or crashes - especially when you are typing lots - you must save your work regularly. To help you the online tasks now have a <Store> option. You will find this button at the bottom of the screen:





<Store> saves your work but keeps you on the same screen. It does not complete and submit your task. If you wish to do that, click <Save and proceed>. Full details are in the guidance.

You can prepare longer bits of text in Word or a text editor and paste them into the appropriate sections of the report, but still need to remember to <Store> or <Save...> regularly. eVision has very limited formatting possibilities so you will lose most formatting from Word.

Where to go for help Where to go for help

Useful further reading:

If you encounter any problems or there are errors in student or supervision records which come to light during review(s) please contact the appropriate PGR Service Team.