PGR Annual Leave and Absence Management PGR Annual Leave and Absence Management

Since 1 October 2018 new functionality has been made available through eVision to allow full-time postgraduate researchers* to apply online for:

  • annual leave (26 days)
  • special leave (up to 5 days a year)
  • and to record sickness absences (up to 7 days self-certified and longer periods supported by medical certificate).

*excluding those based at NBI and those on the Doctorates in Clinical and Educational Psychology.

The system automatically sends leave requests to the primary supervisor and responses are received by email; in the case of sickness absences it simply notifies the supervisor and PGR Service. A record of absences is kept on the ‘Personal and course details’ page, accessible from the eVision student home page.

The PGR leave year runs from 1 October to 30 September for all, irrespective of start date, so those with other start dates will have a pro-rata entitlement (see guidance) until they reach their first full leave year.

Use of the system is not mandatory but it is especially useful for those on a Tier 4 student visa.


Student Guide (PDF) Supervisor Guide (PDF)


The system is not for recording parental leave (which includes maternity, paternity and adoption leave), nor for any other absence requiring a concession. You can find advice on concessions online or by contacting your PGR Service team.

Further information

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