University Bursary Scheme 2017 Entrants University Bursary Scheme 2017 Entrants

As part of a broad commitment to help ensure tuition fees do not pose a barrier to students aspiring to apply to a world leading university, UEA offers a bursary scheme to support students in their studies.

What is a university bursary?

Bursaries are offered to support students based on household income or social factors.

Students do not need to formally apply for bursary support, all UK students are automatically considered using household income information received from Student Finance England (EU students will need to request this assessment). Eligible students will be contacted from the September of the course start date. Bursaries cannot be combined (but you can receive both a bursary and a scholarship if eligible).


Support Amount


Household income less than £16,000


per annum for up to four years* of undergraduate study

Household income £16,001 to £20,000


per annum for up to four years* of undergraduate study

Humanities, Science or Computing Foundation Year with household income less than £16,000


Foundation Year only

Care Leaver


per annum for up to four years* of undergraduate study

*Support is provided for no more than four years of study even if course is longer. Please note that a Foundation Year counts as one year of study towards your maximum of four years of bursary support.

Support is on a fee pro-rata basis for those students paying half fees or less. Bursaries cannot be combined, for example, if a student is a care leaver, they will be eligible for a £3,000 bursary only.

UEA Bursary payment options:

  • Full bursary amount as a fee waiver (default option)
  • Full bursary amount as a University accommodation discount
  • Full bursary amount in cash

Notes for NHS funded course

2017 Entrants studying courses that were previously eligible to receive the NHS bursary (who are now fee paying) will be considered for eligibility to receive the UEA Bursary. Students commencing their studies in January will have different payment dates which will be confirmed in the email sent to eligible students.

Students who are continuing on NHS funded courses (i.e. where no fee is payable from the student) offered by the University are not eligible for a University bursary. NHS funded courses are those offered by the School of Health Sciences. The only exceptions are students defined as care leavers, who are eligible for a care leaver's bursary if studying an NHS course.

Bursary eligibility

Unfortunately students from the Channel Islands and Isle of Man are not eligible for UEA bursary support, but could be eligible for scholarship support.

Please use the below link for our 2017/8 University Bursary Terms and Conditions

Please use the following link for our 2016/7 Bursaries and Scholarships Terms and Conditions 

Bright Spark Scholarship

If you have successfully applied for this scholarship and have any question regarding the payment of the award please submit an enquiry to us by using the link below.

Full terms and conditions of the Bright Spark Scholarship can be found here - 2017 Bright Spark Scholarship


EU Scholarship

EU citizens do not need to apply for this scholarship as they are automatically screened based on academic achievement prior to commencing their studies at University of East Anglia.

What does it cover?

  • Value: £1,000 
  • One off payment in February.
  • Number available: Unlimited

Full terms and conditions including a list of eligible qualifications can be found via this link -  2017 EU Scholarship


Any questions

Submit an enquiry to the Bursaries office