The Higher Education Bursary and Scholarship Scheme for 2006 - 2011 entrants The Higher Education Bursary and Scholarship Scheme for 2006 - 2011 entrants

Payment of Bursary and Scholarships in 2015/16 (HEBSS)

  • The university will be paying the bulk of its scholarships and bursaries to eligible PGCE and full-time undergraduate students FROM 2 December 2015. The 2nd instalment of all scholarships will be paid on 17th February 2016.
  • In most cases, students will be paid directly into their bank accounts via Student Finance England (SFE).
  • Those who do not receive support via SFE, will receive payment of scholarships, where applicable, from the university. They will be contacted by the UEA Planning Office to arrange payment. (ONLY the Pathway Scholarship is exempt from this method of payment).
  • Eligible students will not need to do anything further to receive their awards, unless they are contacted by the Bursaries and Scholarships team regarding direct payment.

The team is currently assessing all students automatically for eligibility. From mid-November 2015 onwards you should be able to view your bursary/scholarship confirmation letter on line at By selecting 'Logon to your student finance account' on the right hand side of the screen and then enter your customer reference number (formerly ART ID) when requested. Once in your account select 'view correspondence' and select 'entitlement' to view your confirmation letter. This will give you your exact payment date.

  • Anyone who believes they are eligible, but who has not received payment by 18th December 2015 should contact Carole Timm on +44(0)1603 59 1891 or submit an enquiry.
  • Students who were previously in care may be eligible for the Care Leavers Bursary worth £500 a year. Please email for further details.

Current and returning students of the UEA (HEBSS)

If you are an undergraduate or PGCE student who started at UEA between 2006 and 2011 and you wish to view information about the UEA Bursary and Scholarship schemes already in operation then details of the schemes, together with the eligibility and renewal criteria of the awards can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Bursaries and Scholarships are processed and paid via Student Finance England (SFE). In order for UEA and the SFE to be able to assess your eligibility you will need to have applied for SFE funding. Access the online application.

If you are unsure whether you have given the appropriate consent to share please contact SFE team (Student Finance England) dedicated to this on 0300 100 0607.

Useful Contacts

  • For other queries regarding the continuation of a Bursary or Scholarship you can submit an enquiry to the Bursaries and Scholarships office.
  • For additional advice and information on managing your finances please visit the Dean of Students Office pages.
  • Find information regarding other benefits and loans available via Student Finance England

UEA Prizes and Scholarships

There are also numerous Prizes and Scholarships generously donated by the University of East Anglia alumni and friends of the university that are available on various courses.

New students commencing 2012/13 (NSP)

If you commenced your undergraduate with the UEA after August 2012 then you will be covered by the National Scholarship Programme. View full details of the bursary and scholarship schemes in operation for the 2012/13 academic year, along with the Terms and Conditions that relate to these awards.

NHS Students

If you are an NHS funded student your bursary and any queries will be handled by the NHS bursaries unit, who can be contacted on 0300 330 1345 or via their website.