Frequently asked questions regarding the University Bursary Scheme Frequently asked questions regarding the University Bursary Scheme

What is the University Bursary Scheme and am I eligible?

The University Bursary Scheme aims to benefit students entering higher education from September 2012. Students are automatically considered using household income information received from Student Finance England.

You are eligible for a University bursary if you meet the criteria set out in the following terms and conditions:

2012 entrants 

2013 entrants 

2014 entrants 

2015 entrants

2016 & 2017 entrants

How do I find out if I am eligible for a bursary?

You will qualify for the University bursary if your household income is in one of our eligible income brackets. The income figures are detailed in our Terms and Conditions above specific to your year of entry. Your household income figure is calculated by Student Finance England (SFE).

We assess all our students based on the income figure we receive from SFE to see if they are eligible.

Eligible student will be notified either through the online registration task on E:Vision under the Finance section or students will receive an email notifying them that they need to complete the task in order to receive the bursary.  

I am an EU student, how do I qualify for a University bursary?

You will qualify for the University bursary if your household income is in one of our eligible income brackets. The income figures are detailed in our Terms and Conditions specific to your year of entry.

In order for your household income to be calculated by SFE, you need to ask them if you can be means assessed as a student from the EU by filling in the form EU18B. You can contact the SFE EU Bursary Team on: (+44)(0)141 243 3570. 10:00 - 16:00 UK time, to obtain this form. We recommend doing this as soon as you have your place confirmed.

How will finance for EU students be affected?

The Student Loans Company has issued a statement following the Referendum result, which can be read in full here:

EU nationals or their family members, currently in higher education, and who are assessed as eligible to receive loans and/or grants from the SLC, will continue to receive their loans and grants until they finish their course. The rules applying to EU nationals, or their family members, who have applied for a place at university from September 2016 to study a course which attracts student support are unchanged. The SLC will assess these applications against existing eligibility criteria, and will provide loans and/or grants in the normal way.

When will I receive my bursary cash payment?

All cash payments in 2019-20 will be paid directly into a nominated bank account in the following installments:

Standard September Start - 25% 15th November 2019, 25% 21st February 2020, 50% 11th May 2020

January Starts (Nursing) - 25% 21st February 2020, 25% 5th June 2020, 50% 21st August 2020

Please note that these dates are not negotiable, we are not able to pay students any earlier than these published dates.

Accommodation discounts will also be applied proportionately to your account at approximately the same times during the academic year.

Can I apply my accommodation discount to off-campus housing?

The accommodation discount is only available to UEA residences, this includes the UEA Villiage.

I am not a first year student but I am living in UEA accommodation, can I use my UEA bursary to offset accommodation costs?

Yes, if this is not an option for you to select as part of the task then please email the Bursaries team before you complete the task so we can make the necessary for you. Our email address is

I've changed my mind about how I would like my bursary to be paid but the bursary task is now closed. Can I change my selection?

Yes, email or call 01603 591188 and we will reopen the task for you on on e:Vision. This option is only available up to the first payment date, after which point you will not be able to change your selection. 

Why haven't I received my payment?

There are a number of possible reasons:

  • You have not registered at the University. You can do this on e:Vision.
  • Your application has not been means tested. Please contact Student Finance on 0300 100 0607.
  • You or your parent/s have not given the Student Loans Company consent for your household income to be shared with UEA. Please contact Student Finance on 0300 100 0607 to check who needs to give consent.
  • You are not eligible for bursary payments.

Please email us if you would like us to check

I have changed my bank account after I have made my bursary selection who do I need to update my details with?

Please contact the Finance Enquiries team who are located in the Registry Building or you can e-mail them at

I am on my Year Abroad/Industry Placement. What will happen to my bursary?

Students remain eligible for a bursary while undertaking their year abroad/industry placement. However, as stated in the terms and conditions, any student eligible for a reduction in gross fees will receive a proportional reduction of bursary. For example, Year Abroad students pay 15% of their annual fee and therefore will be eligible for a maximum of 15% of their bursary.

I have received my bursary for the current academic year but I am still struggling financially. Is there anyone else who can help me?

Student Support Services has a team of financial advisors who can provide advice and help for students experiencing financial hardship. For more information about the kind of support offered and details of how to make an appointment, please visit the Student Support Services website for further information

If you have any other questions that are not answered here the please submit an enquiry to the Bursaries team

I have received an email from is this genuine?

Yes, we can confirm that this is the dedicated email address for the bursaries team.