Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey


What is it?

The Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey is a yearly opportunity for taught postgraduate students in their final year to have a say about your time so far at UEA. 


How do I take part?

PTES will be launced on 7th February and closes on 15th June 2020. You will be sent an email invitation to your UEA email addresses on the day of the launch and reminder emails will then be sent at the end of every month. The email will be sent from UEA Experience Surveys ( and will always contain 'PTES' in the subject line, so please do look out for this.

Why should I take part?

Your input is invaluable, as it will help the University to learn about what is important to you and where improvements can be made.

This valuable feedback will allow UEA to identify areas that could be improved upon and ensure that changes are implemented giving you a better experience in the next academic year.

  • Prize Draw 
    All participants who complete the survey will be eligible to be entered into a prize draw to win £150, £100 (two to be won), or £50 (three to be won). Prizes will be available as either a bank transfer or your choice from a range of vouchers. 
  • Get Involved! 
    In 2018 36 per cent of UEA final year PGT students took part, which meant the University couldnt learn as much about undergraduate taught experience as was wanted. 
  • Help to ensure that all areas of UEA have their say!
    Different areas of the University may have had different experiences or have different requirements.
  • Action will be taken
    Don’t worry - the main findings from the survey will be shared, as will what has been done in response to the results going forward.
  • It’s confidential and secure!
    All data collected in this survey will be held securely. Results will be reported in an aggregated and anonymised form. Reporting on the quantitative results will not identify any individuals by always being based on subgroups of 5 or more. Throughout the survey there are chances for you to leave optional comments which will be used and shared in the full analysis so please do not identify yourself or other individuals in your comments.


Email Adam Keogh in the Market Research Team at