Financial support for students studying abroad as part of your course Financial support for students studying abroad as part of your course

If you will be spending time abroad (studying or working) as part of your degree programme and are in receipt of financial support from Student Finance, please read the following details.

Finance application

When completing your finance application for the next academic year please ensure you have indicated that you will be spending time away from the UEA. Here is an example of the pages you need to look out for. You should be able to do this through your online application or via the paper forms from the Student Finance Webpages.

Finance assessment

Whilst carrying out your financial assessment Student Finance may require the UEA to confirm details of your placement and provide evidence of this. In order for us to promptly provide this information please complete the study or work abroad form.

Travel costs

Depending on your circumstances you may be entitled to claim back some of the travel costs incurred as part of your course. Student Finance expect the student to cover the first £303 of the costs and if eligible Student Finance will provide details on how to be reimbursed for any reasonable additional costs associated with the Study Abroad placement e.g. flights.

Tuition Fees

Students spending a year abroad as part of their course continue to be liable for fees at UEA while they are abroad. Fees cover administration and overheads which can include: guidance and assistance in the setting up of placements, monitoring and approval of placements, procedures for accreditation and assessment while the student is abroad and completion of the placement, sending out information on module enrolments for the following academic year, pastoral and practical advice, access to UEA online services and other regular contacts with students abroad.

In 2019/20 Home/EU students spending the year abroad on the £9000 fee rate will be charged tuition fees at 15% of the full-time rate £1350. Students on the £9250 rate will be charged tuition fees of £1385. Please check the fees table for further info.

Students will need to apply for the continuation of their previous year's financial support. Please note this does not apply to MED elective periods as these elective periods are approximately eight weeks and are charged fees at the full rate.

Students spending one semester abroad and the other at UEA will pay tuition fees of either £9000 or £9250 depending on your year of entry.

Students who are spending all or part of the 2019/20 academic year abroad should take care to advise Student Finance by completing their loan application appropriately. This will ensure payment of loan instalments are made without delay.

Further information

All students who are studying abroad within an academic year will have their application processed without HEI confirmation providing you apply correctly. Providing you apply on time for your support, you will automatically receive your 1st instalment 25 working days before the start date of your course at UEA (e.g. start date = 23/09/2019 so study abroad date = 19/08/2019). The 2nd and 3rd instalments of the students finance will be paid according to the standard UEA term dates e.g. January and April. 

Please visit the Study Abroad Office website for further information about study or work abroad and the ERASMUS scheme.

The University is not responsible for the payment amounts for time spent abroad as all assessments are carried out by the Student Loans Company. The University is responsible for confirming your details with Student Loans Company should they request it and this is the sole use of the information you have provided on these pages.