Further to your form, please read the instructions below Further to your form, please read the instructions below

Student Finance are currently able to make manual payments for students studying abroad – this means payments can be brought forward for those of you who start your placements before the standard UEA start date and can be paid in one or two instalments depending on your placement details.
The requests* for a manual payment will not be accepted by Student Finance directly from a student as they will also require confirmation from the University. Please indicate whether you would like to receive your payments in the standard instalments (Sept, Jan, Apr) or if you would prefer a manual payment option detailed below:

Option 1

1st Instalment paid early - The university can request that the first instalment of a student's entitlement be brought forward if the student is required to travel abroad to commence their course more than 25 working days prior to the UEA course start date.

Option 2

Full entitlement paid in 2 instalments - In certain countries, (USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand) the university year runs across 2 semesters rather than the standard 3 terms in the UK. In these instances the university can request that the student entitlement be paid across 2 instalments rather than the standard 3. If this is requested the student will receive their first instalment as normal (unless early payment has been requested) and will then receive the second instalment at the start of UEA's semester 2 (January). The payments will be split 50% / 50%.

Option 3

Full entitlement paid in 1 instalment -In some countries (China, Japan & Russia) the student may be required to show that they have the money to support themselves financially for the year prior to gaining access into the country. In these instances Student Finance will pay the full student entitlement for the year on their 1st instalment date (unless requested otherwise). 
Option 1 can be combined with another option.
If you would like to leave your maintenance payment instalments as they are (standard dates), please continue to the Standard Instalments form.
If you would like to choose one of the above options, please continue to the Manual Payment form.
*the requests are made to Student Finance by the university but it is Student Finance who carry out the assessment and determine when payments can be made.