Frequently asked questions regarding registration and payment Frequently asked questions regarding registration and payment

Please find below the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for then please use the 'Submit an Enquiry' option in the left hand menu.

When will I receive the first instalment of my maintenance loan?

Once your assessment has been completed by Student Finance, you should receive a 'Payment Schedule' letter from Student Finance.  At the same time this is sent to you, the SLC Liaison office will be notified that your assessment is complete and will be asked to confirm your attendance.  Providing you have registered and term has started your attendance will be confirmed and you will receive your first instalment 3-5 working days from this date.  Please note only maintenance loans and grants are paid directly to you; tuition fee loans are paid directly to UEA later in the academic year.

How do I register?

Please visit the Registration pages. Please note you must register online and be seen by your school for your record to show that you are fully registered.

I have registered and have my letter but have not received my payment. What should I do?

Please use the submit an enquiry form and this will be investigated for you.

I have registered but not received my letter. What should I do?

This would suggest your assessment has not yet been completed.  This could be because of the date you applied or because the assessment team are still waiting for further evidence from you. In this case you should contact Student Finance:

Student Finance England: 0300 100 0607 
Student Finance Wales: 0300 200 4050 
Student Finance Northern Ireland: 0300 100 0077 
Student Loans Repayment: 0300 100 0611

When will my bursary/scholarship be paid?

Please visit our Bursary and Scholarship pages for further information.

Updates from the Student Loans Company will be posted on our site when they become available.  Please save this address to your favourites so it's easy to check.
All other enquiries can be submitted using the online form, if you wish to be called back please include your telephone number in the additional text field.