The HEAR is an electronic academic transcript, which includes similar student academic content to that of the EU Diploma Supplement but with additional information on verified extra curricular achievements such as voluntary work or having a leadership role in the UEA Union of Students.

The HEAR will replace the EU Diploma Supplement for undergraduate students who started in, or after, September 2014 and will be the main way of verifying your UEA degree.

The HEAR has two main functions:

It is a formative document, which will be available electronically via Gradintel.  This document can be used to help students identify and articulate their achievements, skills and experiences, and plan for their personal development more holistically.  Interim HEARs will be made available to undergraduates at agreed points prior to graduation

It is also a formal exit transcript that can be transferred electronically by the student to third parties to facilitate further study or employment opportunities.

Academic verification is required for a number of reasons including:

  • Applications for employment
  • Applications for further study
  • Applications for emigration
  • Verification document for national or corporate sponsors

The HEAR allows you to control who receives the information by providing electronic tokens for others, to view your HEAR.  This should speed up academic verification processes and relieve you from having to sign off multiple requests for UEA to release your information to third parties as required by UK Data Protection Laws.

However the HEAR is not a replacement for a well-crafted CV or application for employment or further study.

If you have any questions about the HEAR please contact the HEAR support team at: