Quality Assurance Review Quality Assurance Review

This page supports those involved in either an annual or quinquennial review, and here you will find a range of tools to help you assemble the data that you need. We are still enhancing these reports, so if you have suggestions for how we can improve or enhance what is here, if you require additional help, or are interested in future work planned around Quality Assurance Review, please see the notes at the foot of this page.

Course Data

The links below take you to three simple reports that give you application, student and destinations data for your selected course. All reports allow you to split the data by profiling group (age, ethnicity, etc.), course level, and shows the data as both numbers and %. Each report had a drop down menu allowing you to amalgamate route codes should that be necessary.

Graduate Destinations

Further detailed graduate prospects information is available here:

Marks Information

For marks information at both module and stage level please click on the appropriate level below: 


Benchmarking to the external environment can only be done at JACS code level and is not something that we can automate at present. Should external benchmarking be required, please follow the process outlined below. Please note that sub breaks by profiling group are not available at this time in benchmarking data.

Step 1

Identify the primary JACS code that the course under review reports to, using the following report:

Step 2

The reports listed below give access to performance data by JACS. Compare your primary JACs code to the reports listed below:

Step 3

If your course is evenly balanced between two or more JACS codes you will have to make the comparison multiple times.


Quality Assurance Review is a standard process, and we are afraid that we do not have capacity for bespoke queries for additional data for individual Quality Assurance Reviews. However, we are happy to receive feedback on ways of enhancing the above reports. We are also working with colleagues in FPG and LTS on a full review of the QAR process.