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Applications volume comparison Report – Live

Application by volume takes a snapshot at UG and PGT each Sunday, starting from the same starting point in October (week 1) and gives a direct comparison of activity compared to last year. These reports do not include applicants that applied before these dates for the entry years i.e. deferred applicants. These reports are best used to ascertain how we are performing in generating and converting applications compared to last year.

Expected Starter Volume Report

Application for entry year takes a snapshot at UG and PGT each Sunday and shows the building of applications, decisions and replies for anyone applying for September 2017 compared to September 2016. These reports WILL include deferred applications for either entry year from July 2014 onwards, therefore the amount of activity will be higher than the volume report.

Admissions Metrics

This product provides overall analysis of the Metrics for undergraduate admissions by benchmarking of application and accept volumes across subject types. Competitors are split by Actual (those we share applications with) and Aspirational (those ranked within the top 20 rank position for The Times Subject Leagues Tables).

Access to the report is below:

Reasons for choice

To understand the reasons potential students have for choosing whether or not to apply and accept a place at UEA, the BIU run an annual suite of surveys at different points in the recruitment cycle with potential students at all levels of study.

We would recommend that your first port of call for getting to know this data is the detailed briefing note on the key findings and trends in reasons for choice at institutional, School and other subgroup level that you can access on the BIU Blackboard site (Data by theme/ Admissions and Recruitment/ Market Research/ Reasons for choice).

If you would then like more detail please click the link below for full interactive dashboards of the results or use the excel sheets provided on the Blackboard site to read through comments from respondents.

Other reports that might be of key interest under this topic

Shared Applications

Report analyses shared applications between UEA and other UK institutions per academic year, filterable by JACS code, report also covers UEA declines and destination institution of applicant:

Entry tariff

Report provides an internal, closed cycle, overview of UEA’s performance in entry tariff over time, split by faculty, department and course.

Domestic and international league tables

For more information follow this link:

A Full suite of reports and BIU products tagged as admissions and recruitment are located here: