Archived Annual Facts and Figures Booklets Archived Annual Facts and Figures Booklets

Each year we generate a range of ‘Facts and Figures' about UEA students, to give us a good idea of the make up of the student body, and the way in which it changes. For detailed information about past years, see the appropriate Archived Facts and Figures booklet listed below, including the current 2014/15 Facts and Figures Booklet.

Annuals from 2000-2007 Annuals from 2007-2015
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  1. Figures taken at 01 December each year.
  2. All figures are headcount, or percentage thereof.
  3. Datasets include "Active" students only (Current status).
  4. Students whose mode of attendance include intercalating, dormant, registration only, or have passed their expected end date on 01 December each year have been excluded.
  5. Students studying at the Research Institutes are included in the relevant department within the Faculty of Science.
  6. Datasets include incoming exchange students but exclude incoming visitor populations unless elsewhere specified.