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Graduate OutcomesThe new Graduate Outcomes survey has replaced the DLHE survey from the 17/18 leaving cohort onwards, with the collection of contact data from HEIs commencing in September 2018.

Take Part

If you have received a call, text or email on our behalf by IFF Research please do respond. In the mean time you can find out more about the Graduate Outcomes survey.

Your data will be safe and handled according to the HESA Student Collection Notice and the relevant UEA Privacy Notice.


  • The HESA Graduate Outcomes survey will be conducted centrally by IFF, agents contracted by HESA, rather than by HEPs as practiced hitherto, improving efficiency whilst enhancing the perception of a level playing field in this increasingly competitive and contentious area.
  • Census dates will lag course completion by roughly 15 months, rather than the 6 hitherto in DLHE, such that the main league table cohort of UK FT UGs leaving summer 2018 will mostly be surveyed between September and November 2019. See the full HESA Graduate Outcomes schedule.
  • This means that the current 16/17 DLHE survey data is likely to persist in league tables for at least two years making it doubly significant.
  • Will incorporate linked Longitudinal Educational Outcomes (LEO) data from HMRC, DWP, HESA, etc. Therefore, we will not be permitted to submit data from the student record - which currently represents 6% of our return.
  • The increased lag between completion and survey means that Graduate Outcomes is also likely to replace Longitudinal DLHE, hitherto undertaken biennially after three years.
  • The survey itself is statutory, so GDPR permissions are not required for the return except for our institutional use of the data (according to HESA).

Contact Data Collection

HESA has now (as at 3 August 2018) published version 1.6 of their coding manual for the collection of the Graduate Outcomes Contact Details record 2017/18 including: