Contacting staff at the University of East Anglia Contacting staff at the University of East Anglia

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Name Department/School Contact Location
Professor Julea Butt
Professor of Biophysical Chemistry
School of Biological Sciences
School of Chemistry
Molecular Microbiology
+44 (0)1603 59 3877
Chemistry 2.52
Professor Zoe Butterfint
Professor of Health Sciences Education
School of Health Sciences
+44 (0)1603 59 1669
Queens Building 1.10
Professor Mark Buttner
Honorary Professor
School of Biological Sciences
Mr Toby Buttress
Research Student
School of Biological Sciences
Mr Jamie Bygrave
Admissions Administrative Assistant
Admissions, Recruitment & Marketing
+44 (0)1603 59 3115
Lawrence Stenhouse Building 1.120
Mrs Steph Byng
Research Finance Administrator (CHE/PHA)
Research and Innovation Services
+44 (0)1603 59 2127
Registry And Council House 1.14
Professor Michael Byram
Visiting Professor
School of Education & Lifelong Learning
Mr Nathan Byram
Administrative Assistant
Learning & Teaching Services
+44 (0)1603 59 2979
Elizabeth Fry Building 0.07
Professor Mario Caccamo
Honorary Professor
School of Biological Sciences
Ms Deborah Caine
Lecturer in Midwifery
School of Health Sciences
+44 (0)1603 59 7105
Edith Cavell Building 2.15
Ms Michela Caldano
Research Student
Associate Tutor
School of Psychology
Sciences 0.03
Dr Andrea Calef
Lecturer in Economics
Applied Econometrics And Finance
School of Economics
+44 (0)1603 59 3876
Mr Ian Callaghan
Chief Resource Officer
Vice-Chancellor's Office
+44 (0)1603 59 2208
Registry And Council House 2.18
Ms Jennifer Calleja
Research Student
School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing
Dr Jane Calne
Honorary Senior Lecturer
Norwich Medical School
Medical School
Dr Guglielmo Calvini
Lecturer in Psychology
School of Psychology
Social Cognition Research Group
+44 (0)1603 59 7959
Sciences 0.28
Dr Anyela Camargo-Rodriguez
Honorary Senior Lecturer
School of Computing Sciences
Miss Danielle Cameron
Research Student
School of Art, Media and American Studies
Dr Donnie Cameron
Lecturer in Clinical Magnetic Resonance Physics
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health
Norwich Medical School
+44 (0)1603 59 1371
Bob Champion Research & Education Bldg 2.53
Dr Rory Cameron
Senior Research Associate
Norwich Medical School
+44 (0)1603 59 1361