Contacting staff at the University of East Anglia Contacting staff at the University of East Anglia

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Name Department/School Contact Location
Dr Aaron Bostrom
Lecturer in Computing Sciences
School of Computing Sciences
+44 (0)1603 59 3286
Biology 2.19
Professor Gwyneth Boswell
Visiting Professor
School of Health Sciences
Ms Karan Botsford
Lecturer in Paramedic Science
School of Health Sciences
+44 (0)1603 59 1012
Edith Cavell Building 2.15
Ms Caroline Botwood
Business Intelligence Manager: Market Research Insight
Finance, Planning and Governance
+44 (0)1603 59 1203
Centrum 1.01
Mrs Alison Boucher
Senior Human Resources Adviser
Human Resources Division
+44 (0)1603 59 2227
Registry And Council House 0.25
Miss Ellen Boucher
Research Student
School of Health Sciences
Mr Hassan Boudjelal
Research Student
School of Pharmacy
Mrs Melanie Boughen
Specialist Pharmacy Education, Development & Training Manager
School of Pharmacy
+44 (0)1603 59 7148
Chemistry 01.109
Mr David Boulton
Research Student
School of History
Dr Sarah Boulton
Honorary Lecturer
School of Environmental Sciences
Professor Andrew Bourke
Professor in Evolutionary Biology
School of Biological Sciences
Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Conservation
Organisms and the Environment
+44 (0)1603 59 1868
Biology 01.56
Professor Laura Bowater
Professor of Microbiology Education and Engagement
Associate Dean for Enterprise and Engagement
Norwich Medical School
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Research in Mathematics Education
+44 (0)1603 59 1941
Medical School 2.23
Professor Richard Bowater
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education
School of Biological Sciences
Molecular Microbiology
+44 (0)1603 59 2186
Biology 2.41
Dr Gillian Bowden
Clinical Lecturer
Norwich Medical School
+44 (0)1603 59 1213
Medical School 0.34
Mr Travis Bowditch
Statutory Returns & Student Records Office Manager
Finance, Planning and Governance
+44 (0)1603 59 2927
Centrum 1.01
Professor Frances Bowen
Pro-Vice Chancellor for Social Sciences
Centre for Competition Policy
Norwich Business School
+44 (0)1603 59 7976
Arts 1.20
Dr Jo Bower
Lecturer in Psychology
School of Psychology
+44 (0)1603 59 7818
Lawrence Stenhouse Building 0.105a
Dr Gemma Bowers
Clinical Lecturer
Norwich Medical School
Medical School 0.33
Professor Lesley Bowker
Honorary Professor
Norwich Medical School
+44(1603) 28-8559