Contacting staff at the University of East Anglia Contacting staff at the University of East Anglia

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Name Department/School Contact Location
Dr Stefan Bidula
Senior Research Associate
School of Biological Sciences
Dr Laura Biggart
Associate Professor in Social Science Research
School of Psychology
Centre for Research on Children and Families
Social Cognition Research Group
+44 (0)1603 59 3591
Lawrence Stenhouse Building 0.110B
Professor Christopher Bigsby
Emeritus Professor
School of Art, Media and American Studies
American Studies
Arts 1.39
Dr Zografia Bika
Associate Professor
Norwich Business School
Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy
Migration Research Network
+44 (0)1603 59 1283
Thomas Paine Study Centre 2.22
Mr Mark Bilby
Senior Lecturer in Medical Education in Medical Education
Norwich Medical School
Medical School 1.07
Mrs Kate Bilclough
Intellectual Property Administrator
Research and Innovation Services
+44 (0)1603 59 3475
Registry And Council House 1.17
Mr Matthew Billington
Mrs Alison Bilton-Hill
Wellbeing Adviser (Mental Health)
Student Support Service
Student Support Centre 0.102
Dr Jocelyn Bindley
Honorary Senior Lecturer
Norwich Medical School
Miss Helene Binesse
Research Student
School of Education & Lifelong Learning
Mrs Angelina Bingley
Director Admissions, Recruit & Marketing
Registrar & Secretary's Office
+44 (0)1603 59 2654
Lawrence Stenhouse Building 1.120
Mrs Veronica Bion
Junior Clinical Trial Manager (Symbad)
Norwich Clinical Trials Unit
Norwich Medical School
Public Health and Health Services Research
+44 (0)1603 59 1692
Medical School 2.17
Miss Jennifer Birch
Research Student
Norwich Medical School
Mr Charles Bircher
Associate Tutor
School of Health Sciences
Mr Daniel Bird
Research Student
Associate Tutor
School of Computing Sciences
Mr Jason Bird
Finance Systems Support Officer
Finance, Planning and Governance
+44 (0)1603 59 2109
Centrum 1.03
Ms Katharine Bird
Administrative Assistant
Faculty Professional Services – SCI
+44 (0)1603 59 1068
Sciences 0.42
Dr Katherine Birks
Honorary Senior Lecturer
Norwich Medical School
Mr Thomas Birley
Research Student
School of Environmental Sciences
Mr Rares Birsan
Research Student
School of Biological Sciences