University of East Anglia Publicity Protocol University of East Anglia Publicity Protocol

 1.  QAA Guidance

The QAA UK Quality Code Chapter B10, Managing Higher Education Provision with Others provides the following guidance on providing information for students and delivery organisations, support providers or partners:

Indicator 18

Degree-awarding bodies ensure that they have effective control over the accuracy of all public information, publicity and promotional activity relating to learning opportunities delivered with others which lead to their awards. Information is produced for prospective and current students which is fit for purpose, accessible and trustworthy. Delivery organisations or support providers are provided with all information necessary for the effective delivery of the learning or support.  

This indicator also states degree-awarding bodies should ensure that all information produced regarding awards provided through a partner’s validated programme of study meet the requirements of Part C (Information about Higher Education Provision) of the Quality Code. This applies to all publicity and information provided to students, prospective students, employers and other stakeholders.


2.  Publicity Protocol for UEA Validated Courses

Partner institutions will abide by the following protocol in relation to publicising all aspects of courses validated by UEA. The protocol covers the widest interpretation of publicity including advertising, electronic media (the internet, websites and social media which includes web and mobile based technologies) and editorial media (such as press releases and media interviews).

  1. Publicity shall in all cases be accurate and fit for purpose. In particular, material shall not misrepresent either by virtue of factual inaccuracy, omission of information, or by expression of subjective matter of opinion.
  2. The Partnerships Office must agree prospectus (printed and online) before publication and must also be informed of major changes to publicity.
  3. The Partnerships Office undertakes an annual review of all partner institution websites and student handbooks and may sample other forms of publicity including electronic media from time and time.  Feedback from these reviews must be acted upon promptly by the partner institution.    
  4. Where publicity material other than in 2 and 3 consists solely of established matters of fact, no agreement by the Partnerships Office is required prior to publication so long as the presentation of the material preserves the good name of the University and is not used in such a way as might give offence to any individual or body.
  5. Where publicity material makes claims that contain judgements, such material shall be published only provided that the University is satisfied that the judgements expressed are adequately supported by objective evidence. The partner institution shall ensure that material is first referred to the Partnerships Office in any cases of doubt.
  6. All publicity material shall be fit for purpose. This means that it shall be a vehicle to make available full and appropriate information to those who may reasonably be expected to refer to it.
  7. Partner institutions will abide by the following protocols in relation to publicising all aspects of courses proposed for validation by UEA:

a)  no course should be advertised by any means including electronic until it has been approved in principle for publicity purposes by the University;

b)  following that approval in principle, courses can be advertised as “subject to validation”;

c)  the caveat in (7b) above can only be removed once the Chair of the validation panel has formally agreed that any validation conditions have been met.

  1. Publicity produced by partner institutions will be monitored via the relevant Joint Board of Study/Joint Committee and copies of any publicity material (or a link to the web page in the case of online material) should therefore automatically be sent to the Partnerships Office as part of the publication process.

Agreed Descriptors for use in Publicity Material


Agreed Descriptors

Descriptors that should not be Used

University of East Anglia

  • University of East Anglia/UEA
  • [The] University


Relationship between UEA and partner institutions

  • Validating body/university
  • Awarding body/university
  • Accrediting body/university
  • Sponsoring body/university

Programmes at partner institutions

  • UEA validated programme
  • A programme leading to a UEA award
  • A UEA programme

Partner institutions

  • Partner institution
  • Partner College
  • Associate College (Easton&Otley College and City College Norwich only)
  • Associate College/ (except for City College Norwich and Easton&Otley College)