Principles and Procedures of Validation Principles and Procedures of Validation

The same broad principles govern the operation of the validation process as apply for the approval of other new courses at UEA.  The procedures differ from those used for internal UEA courses in some respects but report through the Learning and Teaching Committee.  The aims of both internal approval and validation systems in respect of academic quality and standards are the same:

(1) To ensure that the validated programmes lead to awards which are consistent and comparable in standard with other awards conferred by UEA.

(2) To ensure that the programmes validated by UEA are of such high academic standard by paying regard to:

a)         the curriculum;

b)         the qualifications and experience of the lecturing staff;

c)         the facilities available;

d)         the quality of teaching;

e)         student achievement;

f)         assessment arrangements and the appointment of External Examiners;

g)         the arrangements for monitoring and developing the programme;

h)         student voice;

i)          external reference points including the QAA Quality Code and FHEQ

The University is a member of the Council of Validating Universities:  and the Association of Collaborative Providers:

UEA views validation very much as a partnership between the validated body and the University. We do not seek to impose exclusive validation relationships on any institution.  Rather we prefer relations to develop in a spirit of partnership based on mutual confidence and a commitment to quality enhancement.